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Jarvis Hacked Omnibot 2000 W Pc ,Ezb & Vacuum Inside By Josh Starnes

Jarvis is a project inspired in part by Jarvis the AI that belongs to Tony Stark in the movie and comic book series IRON MAN. This is my first real robot with no previous experience. I dreamed of making a couple of robots one was a vacuum robot with 4 motors. Brush, impeller, and one motor.driving each wheel. This was back in 98 before roomba was thought of. Lol my drawings as a kid even resembled one. Now that I am older and have tools like EZ Robot I can start making these dreams come true. It has been a learning experience and I hope to learn more. Jarvis is basically my personal computer but also will have a few key features. Goals are that he can help maintain a home by vacuuming and sweeping the floors. My fish need to be taken care of while I am away so scheduled feedings and turning tank lights on in the morning and off at night are in the works. Jarvis can answer calls , act as a telepresence device because he has a camera and screen. He would be great for security by detecting motion, taking pictures or video and sounding.alarm if intruders are detected. Just for fun I would like Jarvis to bring cold beers to the table when asked to which I am sure would be a great conversation piece. Jarvis will be autonomous in some.situations and because of the wireless video link by wifi and wireless keyboard and mouse, I can be checking facebook on either the upstairs or downstairs Tv while Jarvis is roaming the house or cleaning. Thanks to 4g USB antenna Jarvis is not limited to my home and can.take control quest (or kill.switch.lol) from a smart phone or laptop. This makes the Jarvis project.show friendly as I can take.him to show off without lugging around a laptop or other equipment. Also i do plan to somhow work in being able to control his base movements , head ect from a ps3 bluetooth.controller. I'm still thinking of other tasks Jarvis could do but I gotta get this guy together so there is no time to waste!

February 1012 when I first received the Tomy Omnibot 2000 . My starting main parts were/are asus mini itx motherboard, 8 GB ram , Win 7, 250gb Western Digital Hard Drive, Nvidia 560ti graphics card, 2 ghz AMD 25watt tdp dual core CPU, Thermaltake 430 watt psu, 460 watt apc backup, Ez Board Kit w EZ WIRELESS CAM , Shark vx63 cordless vacuum, 4 Power Sonic batteries 12v 9ah , power HD 240 oz servos, hitec 645mg 130oz in servos, hitec 5995tg 400 oz in servos , Robotzone.gearbox 5 to 1 ratio for shoulders and other electronics.

At this time im getting the body ready to start putting things together. The fun begins!
User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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No problem with that Josh. It's the holidays. Spend time with human life forms.:D
Ok so i needed to get neck a mount about 2 inches higher.
User-inserted image

thin layer of epoxy over some tape. When i remove the tape i will apply two layers of fiber class cloth.

User-inserted image
Now that two layers of fiberglass support the bottom i continued to fill it to the lip from the top with more epoxy. Here's the the neck topped off.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Oh next step of my neck flip is i need to fill the super big hole i made before. Now I'm placing the pan servo at the bottom and the side to side tilt is closest to the base of the head now.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

So using fiberglass Matt i cut strip small enough to drop down into the hole. It was taped off with electrical tape which i love for this purpose because it always pulls off clean. I used 3 layers and applied epoxy liberally. Im usually obessed with things being perfectly flush but the head needs to be as light as possible so i stopped at the third layer. I would have taken about 10 layers to completely fill the void.
Where's the rest?
Good question , I better get on that ! I was waiting on ezb V4 but now that I have one I don't have many excuses.
You know since I am resurrecting my project I came back to yours for inspiration.
Agreed, good to see you back. And good to see Josh back at Jarvis. I still haven't forgotten you.
ah... Thank you.

How did the arms work out with the servos? Do you have enough power?
i think he used heavy duty servos
Hello SM,

Yeah he did. I just want to know how they worked out. I am currently debating on whether or not to use servos or motors.
I used servos installed in a servo city gearbox. Installation is easy and still works like a servo. The servos are Power HD 240 Oz in torque at 6v. They Usually Sell FOR 20 dollars
And do you find they are powerful enough?

Can you pick stuff up?
Yes that servo with a gearbox generates lots of torque , you can pick up a coke or long neck beer or even a wine bottle.
Nice.... Do you happen to have a link to the one you purchased?

I read through your build of Jarvis and I have to say that it was truly inspiring. The amount of time and craftsmanship you put into it was beyond impressive.

I am working on an Omnibot 2000 build of my own and was planning on using 1/4" thick acrylic to build my body up, separating the base from the upper torso by 24" (see my concept image below). That amount of acrylic will add 12 pounds to the omnibot. I noticed however that you added a considerable amount of weight to your bot. That being said; was the original omnibot 2000 drive-train (gear & motorbox) sufficient at moving the robot around, or did you have to replace the gearbox with larger motors?

Again, your Jarvis is great.

User-inserted image
Have you already started your omnibot build? Yes the original drive train can be used but it is a good idea to upgrade the motors to 12 volt versions. Also I would get some mold making silicon and make molds of the gear set before you start. they are 30 years old and recasting them in urethane or other rigid plastic is a good idea. Also I recommend covering the gears well in grease. I actually have not worked on mine since I moved two years ago.
I suspected. Your suggestions are spot on!

I ordered the following motors (4 total) that I think I am going to use instead of the stock gearbox.

Below are the specifications:
6 to 12V 130 / 260RPM
GW370 Reversible High Torque Turbo Worm Geared Motor DC Motor

Material: 370 Metal
Size: 80 x 32 x 40 mm / 3.1 x 1.3 x 1.6 in
Input voltage: 12V
No-load speed: 260rpm
Application: open the window, door, Mini winch. ect

There is a couple YT videos showing just one of these motors acting as a winch lifting 15 lb weights three feet off the ground on 6v.

User-inserted image