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Items Not Yet Listed In The Shop

At the risk of repetition I'd like to initiate my first thread to raise items that are not yet listed for sale in the Shop but already available on full robots and some body parts. I'd also like to mention some items in my wishlist.
This could serve as a checklist for those managing the Store.

- JD's eyes (as already discussed in other posts)
- Power switch and associated wiring (as seen on full robots)
- 5v Regulator to connect between the control board and 5v devices
- Adapter piece to mount Humanoid Body onto Roli (as seen on pics in the Details section of the Humanoid Body)
- Wire Spiral Wrap Pack
- Male version of the Clip'n'Play Adapter Plate (would be very useful for mounting own components onto Revolution robots)

@DJ Sures please note that descriptions and pics of the newly revised Roli do not make it clear that it includes 2 X 3 servo Arms with Grippers. It would seem a bit over-priced to a new visitor to the site unless they delve deep into the list of contents


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Thanks for the reminder:) We're working hard at getting the final details and pricing of the parts to put on the shop. There are only a few of us at EZ-Robot and we work 12-14 hour days keeping up with demand and design. It's on our list:D

Here are a list of things that will be added soon (once pricing has been identitifed)
- JD eyes
- Power switch and wiring
- 5v Regulator adapter
- Wire Spiral Wrap

Here are items that will not be added
- Adapter piece for humanoid to roli (this is because you can use the Extension Cube instead)
- Male version of clip'n'play (we recommend Clip'n'Play Adapter Plate)

It costs $10,000 USD for every item that is molded for injection mold to be created. Some items we will not sell enough of to create that man. Instead, we recommend you use the STL files from the ARC software to have the part 3D printed using one of our community members, a third party printing service, or a visit your local hacker space and ask nicely:)

To give you an idea, JD's head consist of 4 plastic injected pieces - his head alone costs nearly $40,000 to have the molds created just for his head. That is why we had to identify the slowest selling items and remove them from the store page.

Keep in mind, we will eventually be adding many more parts - once we have the funding to do so. In the meantime, we depend on the 3D printing community.
12:41 AM (your time) - Very sorry to wake you @DJ ! I did not expect immediate attention! I can see from the Office Cams how busy you and your team are lately, putting in horrific hours, as well as at the Toy Fair.
It's okay tony:) I was browsing the forum. Glad I could be of help:)
The $10,000/mold cost is astounding! I'm not going to go through and count all the different pieces that make up the 3 Revolution robots, but the total cost must be frightening *stress*
JD's head is currently a bargain when you consider all the components!
I've just checked out the Makibox and other 3D printers on offer and had a brainwave that involves my two artistic daughters!