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Is Video Record Working?

Is Video Recording working? I can click "Start", but stop does nothing and no file is generated in the "Pictures\My Robot Pictures" folder. Snapshot works though.


Upgrade to ARC Pro

ARC Pro is more than a tool; it's a creative playground for robot enthusiasts, where you can turn your wildest ideas into reality.


Justin, I confirmed that "video recording" doesn't seem to be working in the newest version of ARC. If DJ doesn't see this I'll let him know.


I guess it hasn't been used enough for anyone to notice!;)


Lol, I'll look into it - hasn't been touched in forever.


:-) Thank for you looking at it. I aim to use it! :)


Thanks for planning to take a look at this glitch as I just started using my AR Drone V2 with EZRobot and could not figure out what I was doing wrong.