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Is This True Ez Robot Has To Leave The New Store

JUST saw the new office cam that Alan is holding up a card they have to leave.
That i hope is just a JOKE


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United Kingdom
Probably a fire alarm test nope flooding!
Lets all hope that their family and friends will be safe......get the robots and equipment off the floor ...dry wall can be replaced!......I know that the Calgary Zoo is just across the flooding river as well and the local authorities are thinking about puting the animals in local jails/lockups to keep them safe.
WOW thats really bad news ,i saw the photos it looks very bad ,hope DJ is safe and his family.
@irobot- put the animals from the zoo in the jail with the other animals lol , just kidding

Notice in the pics that they put furniture up on tables and unplugged stuff.
@Josh ..snicker ..great minds think alike:) good eye on the furniture
@robotmaker....DJ had posted earlier that he personally lives on a small hill and his house is ok but cannot get across the water at the bottom of his hill ...Holy Moat
Yep Calgary is sinking and I don't want to swim! It's a bit crazy here in Calgary and it's STILL raining!

User-inserted image

Inglewood, the area where the EZ-Robot shop is, is in the left of this picture. It looks like there is a bit of water in the roadways let's hope it stays there!

In other news, the island in the center of the picture, yeah that WAS the famous Calgary Zoo!
WOW thats sick! People are hard enough to take of, let alone the Zoo animals.:( the main roads look totally empty of traffic.
man, that must be a big river! Lets hope everyone is safe and that the water's low enough to spare a few of the robots left behind.