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Is This Possible

is it possible to use 3 lotiny to 1 speaker ?

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I wouldn’t recommend that. The simplest way is to do this...

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great dj but thats chinese for me.i can make this ?

each lotiny gets one wire?

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these are the ones i have.

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Patrick, you have got it as long as the commons are all tied together in some way.

Here is a handy site for resistor color code calculation: http://www.resistor-calculator.com/

A 4.7K resistor has the color bands Yellow, Purple, Red and a gold band for 5% tolerance.
If connecting 3 EZ-B's instead of 2 would the resisted value still be 4.7k? I suspect that is fine. I built a passive mixer to connect several devices in my car, and the instructions were to use 10k resistors for three inputs, but that was line level, not to a speaker.

Patrick, the volume will be lower than individual speakers. Shouldn't be bad, but you should be aware.


the commons are ground ?and 3 red needs the resistor.
is there a direction for the resistor to solder?
these wil do?

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thanks for telling about the volume.i am using 3 lotiny's.
Resistors do not have a direction.
Commons are also known as ground.
stil waiting for parts to come.aldo i found these speakers in a old ,
pc screen from HP ,and they are good.great sound at level 100.
is there a reason why the ezbv4 doesn have speaker connection like ,
lotiny?the voice off the lotiny is super.

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Remember Patrick, the EZBv4 was designed before the ioTiny and the EZBv4 is the primary product from EZ-Robot and it has the built in speaker which is really great for most users especially their classroom users.

The ioTiny is for DIY users which is why it does not even have a case and they left the speaker port open for us to easily add our own speakers just like you did. That's why the v4 does not have an open speaker port.
The ezb4 does have an speaker connection... Hint.... Search the forum for "ezb4 external speaker connection"... Get your soldering iron out, though...
FYI Dave Schulpius has even written a tutorial on how to do it...

indd the ezbv4 has build in speaker.i have 11 ezbv4 and all has diff sound,
quality,some are low.the lotiny sounds are great .am using voice microsoft,
david,sound really like a robot.

Rchard R

you mean the spkr solder on the ezbv4.i mean a connection like the lotiny,
is awesome.do bolt are so super.i dont like solde a board.am chaking too much,

thanks for the hint sayezb ( " hello richard " ,4 )
i just got my order in.new speakers .one problem is ,i hear a tikking sound,
bolt speakers old&new.

Rule #1 for ticking speakers- check all connections to make sure none are loose! :)
hi chelsea

i have only 5 connection,all good.
Audio popping is not going to be super easy to track down I don't think. In my opinion you'll need a lot more information and you'll need a lot more experimentation to troubleshoot.

Google speaker popping to learn more.

The issue is you have popping at the beginning of your sound and end of sound playback so when the speaker is energized it pops - but why? Too much volume? Not enough resistance? Speaker is over/under rated?

You take your new speakers out and the popping goes away - so the problem relates to your new speakers. Or it relates to the mix of old and new speakers. Or the volume level for the new speakers or something the new speakers do not like.

thats good info thanks.i will test one by one.
okay.its not diff speakers related.also not a bad connection.
only 2 posible things.to heavy speaker .when i solder resistors on,no sound ,
came out.so i desolder them,then i have sound.i dont have it when i use,
swiftalker to make sound.

also i notest my left cam has blue color led,and the right cam has a green led.?
i notest when set the sleep a little higher,the clicking sound is lesser and,
some times gone.is there any device for the lotiny to get rid of the clicking?