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Is There Any Tutorial For How To Put The Ez Robot On Brutusbot?

I just got my EZ robot kit. Does anybody have a tutorial on how to attach it to the BrutusBot? Thanks


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Not yet but im happy to help. Do you have a link for some information to this robot you want to hack or mod? Pics and specs are appreciated.:)
Hello rbot993 thanks for a quick response. This kit is a plexi topper add on to the famous (and common) tamiya tank tracks kit. I will grab the tutorial videos and make a list of ez robot products in the video. First to interface the gearbox motors w ezb you need a H Bridge. The l298n Hbridge supports 2.5 amps current draw which is plenty for your Brutus base.

Ez board

Sonar ping sensor

L298n 2.5 amp H Bridge motor controller

Standard servo for radar movement

( if you want video navigation , spy capabilities or color and facial tracking you need ez cam as well)

Introduction to your ez board


Use a gamepad to control Brutus


Give your tamiya brutus object detection radar and avoidance


Give your Brutus color tracking

Connecting your ezb for the first time


If you get the ez cam and a second servo you can have color / motion tracking

Just a fun inspirational video of omnibot driving around looking at things and seeing his reactions. Entertainment if nothing else:)

These videos should answer some of your questions and also give you ideas of ways you can use your brutus base. Have fun and I look forward to you posting your ideas and progress of your project. Its much easier to help if we see what your doing.:) - Josh S
You are welcome. Be sure start a thread for your robots build under the projects section so you recieve help and we can see your progress. Have fun! - Josh