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Speech Recognition nor Speech Synthesis are available through the mobile app at the moment.


O dear.... That's a bummer! stress stress

Thanks for the answer....;)


Doesn't mean it won't be... Besides you can always use a cheap Win 8 tab like the Acer W3.... Eventually it probably will be supported, however...


@Rich love that at the moment:D (Y)

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I don't know if the mobile app is out of beta yet but I know it originally was released as a beta product. Even so, nothing is ever stagnant at EZ-Robot so what's not supported today may be supported tomorrow or next week or in a few months... at one stage there was no Mobile ARC, there was no WiFi connectivity, no Auto Position, no native support for the BlinkM, no 2 way serial/UART...

ARC is an ever evolving application, a plain "no that's not supported" is very rarely the case:)


Sounds like E-Z Robot is on the move. Glad to hear so many good things from them!:D:D:D


"Rich: ARC is an ever evolving application, a plain "no that's not supported" is very rarely the case :)"

I had to chuckle - the exact opposite is what I hear from the IT department where I work!


It's been a long time sense I have seen a company that had both a great product and a drive to make it even better. Then to add the level of tech. support that is offered by EZ-Robot. I only wish I had known a bought EZ-Robot back when I started my build. I would only have 1/2 the junk inside my droid and still done twice maybe three times what it can do now. That being said I plan on intergrading EZ-robot into my existing systems to expand and enhance my droids capability's. :D;) Thank goodness the EZ-b4 is small, I seem to have vary little room in my droid for anything more.

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Wow dude, you have some serious electronic skills... Can't wait to see what you can do with the EZBs... Anyway, off topic a little... Did you build your R2 from scratch or can one buy the kit you have from somewhere?... Without the electronics of course... I would love a full size or near full size R2...


@ Slee the Sloth: beautiful! It's amazing how what was fantasy in the '70's is actually becoming reality.

@ Richard R: you would need to either buy one of the licensed products (statues), or join a forum ( is one), acquire blueprints and parts and create your own. That way you can animate him as much (or as little) as you wish.

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I actually love the amount of electronics you have in there! More is better in my book, it just looks more robotish...

But you are right with your comments about EZ-Robot, they are very different to what a lot of people are used to. And to add, the tech support by the EZ-Robot community is second to none too (even if I do say so myself).

Stick around dude, you will be blown away:D


@sloth, that's awesome:) The EZ-B v4 will shrink that down to size, but it won't replace the motor controllers and relays - so it won't be too much smaller.

As for speech recognition in the App, it is coming. We continually add new features and speech recognition is one of them. It does work in the Windows App, but very soon we will add it in Android.


@Richard R Thanks.:) R2 is technically scratch built. I belong to the R2 builders club at: Its free to join. Different club members offer different parts at cost. We are not allowed to sell a hole droid or make any money from parts or appearances. This is the deal we have with Mr. George Lucas, Industrial Light & Magic and Walt Disney Co. As for the parts, The different members produce what's now as BC approved parts. These parts have been approved by the Builders Council. this means they are all to club specs and that person C foot will work with persons R leg and so on. Parts are made in runs, when there is enough interested in parts then a run is announced. Some droids are aluminum, others are styrene and some like mine are a hybrids mixture of parts. My droid has a plywood frame, streen skins, wooden legs and resin foot shells with a fiberglass dome. My droid weighs in around 100 pounds without batteries. Aluminum droids can weigh as much as 300 pounds while some styrene droids way nearly 75 pounds. Some droids like mine do everything under the sun and others are remote control with sound and still others just sit and look might cool!

@Rich, I might have gone a bit overboard trying to do all the things that EZ-Board can do but the hard way. One board for each function, well sort of. And still I have not archived the autonomous ability I want, but with EZ-Robot I will.:) See I have packed every empty space with electronics, the head is full, even some of the hidden side panels have removable doors to get at more electronics. Like the back door. In the picture above you can see the back door on the right. Its covered with stuff. Close the back door and take off the skin and you find more electronics hidden there to. UUGGG......

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Then under the dome, well that's full to:

User-inserted image

The lastly I will bore you with a look under the dome plate, the inside of the body from the top with dome and dome plate removed:

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@WarPig Thank you, You are so vary correct on the tech back in the 70's compared to now. I can only dream abought what will be in 30 more years. eek

@DJ Sures , Thank you. I can see so many things that EZB4 will enhance. I came a long way with the Arduino boards. ( The hard way let me tell you). With additional EZb4 my dreams of having an Autonomous R2 will become a reality. While we are on that topic, is it possible to use EZb4 to make a robot that fallows a person as he walks?



While we are on that topic, is it possible to use EZb4 to make a robot that follows a person as he walks?

Absolutely yes!

EZ-B can track color, glyphs, or with the latest version trainable face or object recognition. You can have the tracking either just move the camera (ie, in your case swivel R2's head), or have the whole bot follow the recognized object.


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And queue my favourite EZ-Robot video (and the real reason I knew I needed to get on board)...


@Rich, That is so cool! I laughed my tail end off watching that.:) Heck it made my wife smile.


@Slee- Thanks for sharing the pictures. I saw your R2 in your profile pic and really wanted to see some more pictures.:)


@See the Sloth - Your pics inspired me to go over to I joined up and poked around. I have to say that the fact you got the thing built minus electronics is impressive enough, but to put this level of electronic sophistication into it as well.....I can't even tell you how jealous I am of your R2.


@jaultman Thank you for the kind words. I'm flattered that you are jealous of my R2. Now for the good news! You to can have an R2 like mine, one that is even better! I built my R2 the hard way. I had to use Arduino's and write the code line by line. There was certainly a lot of frustration getting all the component's to work together. For you and future builders of R2 and any other robots things will be much easer. EZb4 will certainly make things so much easer then the way I did it and it will be cheaper and involve so much less hair pulling and less dents in the forehead from banging your head on the wall! Truly I say to you, as much as can be done with an Arduino, you can do 10x more with EZ-Robot".


I really want to build a R2 soon after I get my B9 to an acceptable end point. Robby the Robot is the other dream robot I want to build. I'm very impressed with your work!


@Dave Schulpius , Thanks. I really like your B9 and will continue to fallow your progress on it.:D