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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Is Password Recovery By Email Working?

Sorry for the trouble. I recently brought your robot (Revolution Roli) using as a guest. After the purchase process, I found out that I already have an account. Then I logged out the forum and can not logged in again (I wonder if I even created a password?)... I tried to use password recovery for several times but received nothing for 2 days. I sent email to support@ez-robot.com but haven't got any reply. In fact I didn't receive any E-mail regarding my order except the one from PayPal. I thought it might be something wrong with Hotmail. Now I registered as user using another Yahoo email but the Password Recovery still does not work.
Could I know what can I do to resolve this issue?
Thank you!


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United Kingdom
Wait for the reply from support. They will reply. If you haven't heard from them in a few days try sending another email to them although they are pretty busy at the moment but they generally get round to replying to support pretty quickly.
Sure does! The server data was migrated to a new cloud server last night. This was due to a few reasons. We were exceeding the amount of email that our old provider would allow. Additionally we ended more CPUs and bandwidth. Visit the password recovery page and it will work as of today:)

Sorry for the trouble... As usual we are always suffering from growing pains. To imagine that a few months ago this business was run by 2 ppl out of my basement:)
Thank you all for your help! The problem is resolved!

And @DJ Sures thank you guys very much for making this happen! I always wanted to build programs for robot, however as a programmer I am lack of hardware experience to build a robot by myself. Thank you for providing this product along with SDK so we can build programs on this framework. Really appreciate it!
You will definately be an Assett to the group and the group to you.

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