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Is It Possible To Us Bluetooth Controllers With Ezb V4 Without Ezb V3

Does any one know how to add the option for a wireless bluetooth controller for the ezb v4 along side of the wifi, becuase it would be most helpful in times when i don't have Internet connection


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Sorry dude, the ezb4 is wifi only.... However, you can connect directly to the ezb4 with your laptop or PC without using a router. You don't need Bluetooth to do this... However, your pc will obviously need to be equipped with wifi. If not you can buy a cheap wifi usb dongle off of eBay....


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The ezrobot controller does not require an Internet connection.


O ok that good then It's been driving me nuts trying to figure out if it needed Internet and o I'm sry I'm new to the forum I thought I was suppost to pick the boxs that the subjects related to my bad, I will be carefully next time to pick the one most relatevant. Thank you for Your reply and my most sincere apologies.


:) it's all good.

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