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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Is It Falling?

I've just ordered a MMA7455 Accelerometer from good old ebay. This is going to sound a little daft but i'm going to need a little guidance.

I''m going to be using it so I know what angle my bot is at but how can I use it to tell if the robot has been pushed or is falling? any advise on the subject would be greatly appreciated and I can't really say any more about what I want from it other than that.


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United Kingdom
I would assume that the rate of acceleration would be an indication of if it was pushed or if it fell. Being pushed would have a burst of acceleration to begin with then a steady increase whereas a fall would likely just be a steady increase.

Just an idea. I haven't checked out the datasheet for the MMA7455 yet.
United Kingdom
That's kind of what I though about doing. I just thought I'd ask in case anyone has done anything a little different I hadn't though about
In the next ARC version, I will add the ability to write the MMA's values to EZ-Script variables. I will also make it so it will execute scripts based on different limits.

It will be in a few days:) Stay tuned!
United Kingdom
Awsome @DJ Sures. That's excellent news. Kind of like event based script launching.
You bet - exactly like that:)
Thanks in advance of that EZ script addition of the MMA functionality DJ!