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Irobot Roomba Music Websites

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Good Morning EZ-Builders & The Roomba Insane !

I really like the Music and Tones from the Roomba in response to different tasks.

I would like to learn to Duplicate Them in EZ-Script.

The following Link explains the Tones & their Meanings :

Same page actually lets you Play The Tunes :

Will someone who knows Music and Keyboard Please help me duplicate the Roomba Sounds on the ARC Keyboard ?

Thanks Again & I Am Still Looking To Purchase OSMO's For High School Robotics,

DougPope@cox.net, 602-246-1246(H)

From EZ-Cloud: 20MsRoombaKeyboard,Roomba'sSpeaker.EZB


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I'll take a look at importing sound files into ARC to play on the roomba for you:)
I know this is not a priority, but it would be great to play music from Roomba (ICreate tones).
After searching, I found this post.
I can play them manually.
I found Roomba tones under script, but I do not know to use them in script?
I tried Roomba(f1)
A few simple songs would be awesome.
Thank You
Steve S