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Ir Remote To Interference Maker(Wolfies Idea)

So, to continue on the quest to cause interference in the IR area I decided that wolfies idea of using a full rc remote wired up to the ez-b would be easier than other ideas.

So, I found an IR helicopter remote in my mounds of ir toys that didn't have a helicopter to match it.
After a fight to get the batteries out, I opened it and this is what I found.

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User-inserted image

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What should I do to turn this remote into a ir interference generator?
Interesting project, let me do some quick research will join in soon ;)
Any luck with the R/C car project?
Feel free to join! don't have any info on the controller other than it was made by spin master(air hogs) in 2006
so far its getting buried under other projects so no. steering is in place and motors are wired up but no money for motor controller and ez-b.
My idea was to use a universal remote for tv's and stuff not a remote for the helos the way the universal remote works is with a set of codes flashed some of the codes are in sets of a given amount of paulses at a serton rate each device uses a diffrent set rate its just like a didatal signal to avoid interferance compleatly so what you would do is get an old remote replace the buttons with transistors that are controled by the EZ-B
Then you take some time and script for just what you want it to do one script could sweep the channels fast up and down or random another could turn change to another device send a power signal then to another device and so on
Trying to cause interference with ir resevers is exstreamly hard if the devices dont see a code its not programed for it will not respond onless its old and sensative and thats rare
Yes you can interfear with devices it would take some time to play and figure out just what all you want it to do
Another "remote" you could use that hase way less bottons is the TV Be Gone all it dose is sends out all the power button codes for all the tv's so if any tv sees the signle it turns on so all tv's in a room turns off with 1 button its cool but limated and takes less work
With a full remote your bot can do it all power up the tv adjust the lights start the movie set the valume and so on all with just a word
but every botton on the remote would need a port on the EZ-B onless you use something called a shift regaster then you would only need to use 3-4 ports but then your scripts would have tobe alot mor compleaxed as the scripts would have to setup the Shift Registers to the right buttons before it send the command to press the button "trigger the transister"

Here is a little video about How Shift Registers Work!