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Hello and thank you again,

I still get the same JPGStream Read Error message. I notice in browser that if I previously logged off it asks me for my credentials so ther must be something with the format arroudn passwd and id. I'll test without them later on.

Thanks again
The thing is that it cannot work without a account... I should have known that. So I need to find out what the exact code may be or if I can't ill have to crate a virtual device.
When you paste the URL in your web browser, do you see a single image? Or do you see a video stream?
Hello DJ ! I feel like God is talking to me now !:) I just have a black screen with a big red error message "JPGStream Read Error.
:) Flattery will get you everywhere!

When you view the URL in your web browser, what do you see (video or image)? For example, you mentioned the link works in a web browser (internet explorer, firefox, safari, chrome, etc).

I'll need to know if you see a video in the web browser, or a single image.
United Kingdom
Going by the list on ISpyConnect's Website
videostream.cgi will be in FFMPEG or MJPEG
snapshot.cgi will be jpeg
IPAddress:554/11 will be VLC

A little more searching on google (yes I needed a break from what I'm doing that badly) you could try IP:port/tmpfs/auto.jpg
Oh Sorry DJ I misunderstood the question : In the browser I see the video with video.cgi or videostream.cgi and a snapshot with snapshot.cgi commands. Currently my cat Bobby is ashing himself.
User-inserted image
United Kingdom
Since I need an IP Cam and they are all practically the same price I went for this make/model and ordered one last night, it should be with me tomorrow or Saturday hopefully. Once it turns up I'll hopefully be able to find the correct url and syntax for use in ARC.

I'm not too familiar with Safari, but can you save the image that is shown in the browser? Most are right click and save image as. If you can it's a single jpg and it's what you want for ARC (if I have interpreted what DJ said in the other topic correctly).

If not, hang in there for a couple of days and I'll have mine and I'll see what I can find when I have the device in front of me to hack:)
that looks just like a foscam,i have 4 foscam and love then very cheep
United Kingdom
From what I've seen online when searching for cheap IP cams they all look the same, my guess is they are just re-branded.

@Pittom, did you ever get yours going in ARC?
@Rich: it is indeed savable as jpg. It should work. I also tried from two other computers on which I have EZB.
You will always want to use SNAPSHOT.CGI

1) As for the error, I'm wondering if there is any message in the debug window? Does the Debug popup and display information about the error?

2) Because ARC is requesting the image and attempting to process so quickly, I'm also wondering if the image size may be an issue. I don't see why, but it would be worth looking into. Can you try changing the source image to a lower resolution within the camera?

Those are the only two questions I have for now...

PS, empty your garbage:D
Hello DJ

No error message in the debug, just usual initialization conf. I'll follow your suggestions and I let you know. I already use a low resolution (320x240) on the source, though. It is to save power.

For the PS : it is just to show to the entire world that I recycle !:D
Haha, thumbs up to the recycling!

We are going to add MJPEG (motion jpeg) to the next release of ARC. If you aren't able to solve the issue with standard snapshot JPEG's, you will be able to use MJPEG soon.
@RICH yes i got my ip cam to work like DJ said

@DJ MJPEG ,that will be great
United Kingdom
OK, my IP Camera turned up today and it works in ARC




Change YourIPAddress to whatever it's set as, i.e.
Change admin to your username (if it's not already admin)
Change 123456 to your password (if you changed it)

Paste that into the camera selection (red box)
Set the resolution to 320x240 (green box)
See live image (you won't see me though, yellow box)

User-inserted image
Nope... it doesn't work on my side. There must be something wrong with my installation of ARC, definitely... I tried to reinstall, and tried from a new project file, nothing. I tried from two other computers, same... *confused*
United Kingdom
The only thing I can think it may be is incorrect username and/or password since it will throw an error if they are wrong.

There are two ways to do it. One is the way I mentioned above



And the other



Unless you have a weird firmware on the camera (although I've yet to find a reliable source for firmware).

In your browser the snapshot.cgi was a static jpeg wasn't it?

I guess if you can't sort it at least the update will fix that:)
it could indeed be firmware related. I upgraded the firmware en web GUI recently. Password and username are ok since I use these cams all the time (have 3).