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Hi, I have an Ez Robot Development kit. I'm wondering if I can use speech recognition to have my robot go out on the internet and do a search to a specific database or query random information like date, time etc.

I have found a free api to a database that I want to use. It uses a java script query string. Does anyone know how I would create the speech recognition in my ezbot to ask it so look for something, go out to the internet look it up using this api, then speaking the result?

If there are any videos that address this or if someone has some experience, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Keri


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I'm very sorry that no one has had a chance to answer your question. I didn't know how to do it myself, well, until today. What you are asking for does definitely exist and works well with ARC + the Microsoft Bing speech recognition plug-in.

Please install the plug-in found here. Next follow the instructions on the Plug-in page to link Bing speech Recognition with Pandorabot.

Once everything is configured you can use speech recognition to search the Pandorabot database for the answers to life's questions:) It's actually a lot of fun!


Are there ways to create a custom ezscript to search a proprietary db?


Well, you can create your own pandorabot via this tutorial, if that's what you mean by proprietary database.


Well my husband is an expert in all of that . Lol perhaps he could help me with it. I want to do voice commands that look up to a specific db and then the robot speak the result.


When deciding to use a database it might be a good Idea to think about the nature of the data. For Example do you envision using 100 words or phrases or less? If so I would stick to what ARC already offers and use the built in Speech Recognition and script your responses.

If your goals are to be able to speak to the robot and return many thousands of responses then a custom database might be more appropriate.

There are alternatives already options you can explore in ARC, those include the Pandorabot and the AI.API plugin.

Also some functions like date and time are already built into ARC and you can make those scripted responses to voice commands with scripts or blockly.


The pandorabot allows you to create a personality with responses. The responses can have ezscript embedded as well. This means you can have the response query a weather RSS feed, for example.

The speech recognition of pandorabot control is not good - so people usually combine it with bing or google speech recognition plugin.

Here's the pandorabot link: