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Ios Mobile Time Line?

Is there an up to date time line for the release of the IOS version of the mobile interface builder?


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I don't have an exact date - but next week i'm taking some time away from the office to work on it. It'll be a big project so i'm dedicating personal time to get it done so we can start getting ppl to beta test the app before Revolution goes live.

If all goes well, sometime next week you will see an iOS app:)
Awsome news! Thanks DJ!
South Africa
My Microsoft computer is not working and every time it come back from repairs it brakes down again so will There be an update so I can download ARC on my phone and program my robot from my phone. I have a laptop but it is a Mac book pro which does not have windows so I can't download ARC on it.
@Mohamed.r- You may have some luck using a virtual machine program on your Mac Book. I know some others have had some luck with it. Even if it doesn't work perfect, it may be enough to help you limp along until you get a windows machine. The Mobile App will allow you to control your robot from your phone but not actually "program" it.