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Heyo EZ-Robot community! Just wanted to introduce myself as a new EZ-Robot employee! My name is Jake Stika and I'm the Business Development and Sales Coordinator, and my main job is to spread the EZ-Robot Revolution! I'm really excited to join this company and equally excited to be joining this community! Hope to engage more with all of you soon!

Stika out!


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Welcome and best wishes Stika.
Steve S
Thanks for the introduction Stika! When you receive your EZ-B V4 what kind of robot are you going to build?:) and while your at it spur on the shipping department!:D:D
Stika you're joining a fine crew. Good luck...
Good to have you aboard Stika, we have alot of robotic life forms in our robotic world here, glad you could join us on the Revolution ride :-} Look forward to hearing from you :-}
United Kingdom
Welcome! You're right to be excited, you've landed a job at a great company and have a great community here.
Welcome to robot revolution!

New Zealand
Awesome news... welcome aboard the flagship of the robot revolution...

It's seems like more of you EZ Robot guys/girls keep popping out of the woodwork every time I turn around. That's awesome. It's good to see you guys growing. Welcome aboard Jake.
Wow you guys blew me away! Thanks for the lovely welcome wishes. Of course we are growing @Antron007! To meet your guys' demands (@irobot58) and spread the Revolution further!

Have a good week everyone!
Welcome to EZ Robot Stika ! , I hope you like it , the challenges of a start up aren't for everyone. Good luck!