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Introduce Myself And My Idea

hi all.my name is patrick and am a huge fan off robots.
i am not a programmer do i did make 3 sucsesfull bioloids.
my i dea was if its possible to use the robi robot from deagostini whit ez.
i see DJ does this whit robosapien v1 too.
BTW dj ez builder is best i ever seen.
has anyone has an idea how to start.

thank you


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here i got a bioloid comprehencive whit turning AX-s1 on remote.
Very cool nomad. Now you just need to add a ezb to your biped frame. :).

I had trouble understanding what kind of robot idea you had. Do you have a link to a product you want to use ezb with so I can understand better? Thanks and happy building.
hi guys thank you for responding.
yes thats the robi.my idea was to use the ez controller and the mp3 trigger.
one off my questions is.can i connect the robi controler to the ez controller so i still can use the Original,
poses robi has.i dont have the ez controller yet.hope soon.
the robi charger and clock is free if you by it.

i am still waiting for answers to from deagostini
If you connect the EZ-B v4 to your robot's servos, it will not be able to use default animations that came with the robot anymore, seeing as you'll be using a completely different controller. You can re-create the animations and even add your own if you want though. If you have one of these and want the original animations, try recording the default animations and re-doing them in ARC.
good idea.i need problably also connect eatch servo separt to the ezb4?
Yes, in order to make the servos operate with the EZ-B controller you will need to connect all servos into the EZ-B board connections.
i ask deagostini if i can get the servo wires in lengt from 40 cm.
and whit is gnd-vcc-txd or rxd on the servo.
the servo head has allreddy tree movements in.left and right and up and down and side ways good for a camera.
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