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Greetings all, I go by IRobot58(Glen) and reside on Salt Spring Island . The EZ-Robot product is simply amazing ,working with the ARC only up to this point. DJ Sures has really opened up the world of DIY robotics for every size of robot. He really brings out the Dr.Frankenstein in all of us (in a good way) wanting to develope a fun entertaining , engaging autonomous Sidekick! WallE C3PO and other media robots have certanily inspired DJ and the rest of US to pursue creating a Sidekick. My sidekick(not a friend, or pet, or toy, or tool) is called FRED for Friendly Robot Entertainment Droid. It will be Entertaining by chatting( speech recognition and wave file responses to engage me or anyone else) playing music via voice command, reading out RSS feeds, shortstories, wikki info. FRED will have 12 Astrology personalitys because I am somewhat familiar with them and they ARE for entertainment. Each "sign" will have 3 random statements followed by a question which I can respond with yes no or maybe then which it can continue the thread followed by a question ..or not etc. The 12 Random personalitys and three statements will create a psudo intelligence and somewhat spontanious , never boring Droid. I wont know what character will show up or what(of the 3 statements and following thread will begin). With DJ 's Easy windows Script and randomizing of outputs......I am simply loving it! Of course there is a ton of data input but thats like creating a book or anything else of creative work. Then theres the physical presence! My vision and desire will to start with a "head" that has a moving jaw, eyelids, eyeballs and neck. Adding an arm and platform? will come later. Of course it will have a camera for face recognition(thanks AGAIN DJ:) ) It all sound very ambitious I know but reading other fellow robotist and their WONDERFUL creative "Sidekicks' I am definately INSPIRED! whew thats it for now..back to the lab PS I am looking forward to develping Glyph recognition(thanks DJ ) furthur to communicate with the robot via SIGN that crazy or what...Voice recognition is still developing...but sign language recognition..hmmm


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Welcome to EZ-Robot.

Your project/sidekick sounds very interesting, and I'm sure it's all very do-able. It seems with the EZ-B and ARC software if you can think it you can build it.

Good luck with the sidekick.


Thank you, just when you need a function ,DJ seems to be one step ahead and provides! What sort of project are you currently building/thinking about?


Hi i kinda know Salt Spring Island have not been there in many many years i grew up on vancouver island in nanaimo and parksville ive been into robotics for about 30 years now but could never do much with it till now YES DJ is the best i cant wait till my kit comes in ive been scripting for it a few months now but its kinda hard to test with out the needed toys lol I have a few ideas in mind for my bots still to erly to realy say just what as the platform i plan to use has changed a few times now lol but for the chat part of the bot i will be scipting that in mirc as its ez to use and takes little ram its main limmet is the hard drive space other than that there will be no limet as to how much that can be scripted into it. once i get some working scripts i will post them on site I love the idea of the sign language recognition that would be cool and vary handy lol when i bot can do that then it can make a pot of coffee and other stuff but for now my main goal is to plow my sun deck with a mini remote snow cat lol i do now but i cant control the blade and and and, it needs a kit bad soon it will have one then i can start to realy play


Hey Wolfie, thanks for the interest! I too have bee scripting for a month now, trying out all the features and learning ALOT. Possibly getting into C# but the ease of the EZ windows is very , well easy! It does have its limitations but with a little creativity one can usually find "workarounds". I am not familiear with mirc and would appreciate a little insight into and a link to learn more about it..there are other robot languages like URBI as well. :)


Looking forward!....I am wondering how a chat script could be "encompassing" enough for robotic applications