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Intro And Project

Hello all, my name is Ryan, I bought the EZ B v4 unit to try and build a UAV DRONE and I saw that Ez Robot has beat me too it, they built an AR drone 1.0 on the v3 Ez b model, now I'm new to robotics; my question is can I use a AR DRONE 2.0 with the EZ B v4, and control it with my IPhone 5 but run the display through my Recon Jet HUD (still on pre order waiting for it to be released)

I'm currently in a bidding battle on ebay for a 1.0 parrot drone but if any one has had good results with the 2.0 let me know as I would like to use the 2.0 if it's doable.

Thanks guys. Happy modding


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@ArmaDyne glad to see you on here! :D

United Kingdom


Currently only the AR Drone V1.0 is natively supported by ARC.


Do you suspect an issue using the B4 rather then B3 when it was done?


Welcome abot ArmaDyne! Looking forward to drone vids!:)


Thanks for the welcome all, if I can make it work ill post some vids for sure.


The parrot drones are controlled over wifi without anything added onto it.

The ar drone 2.0 works with the control commands in ARC such as up, down, left, right etc. The camera stream does not work in ARC.

I tapped into it with bad results, but I did see an image.

If you put the ez-b V4 on the ar drone 2 you could add sensors and a camera, bearing in mind the very low weight capacity of the ar drone. I am selling mine do to poor battery life but with better batteries it works fine.


How much do you want for yours?


Im selling it for $200. What part of Canada are you from? I'm in southwestern Ontario.


I'm in sask, will you be coming to sask to watch the red blacks take on the rough riders?


No sorry. I can look into shipping if your interested. I can't garrentee I can ship though.


If you can pay through paypal I can.

It will cost $20 for regular shipping through Canada post. $50 for express. You pay that. If your in ill give you my email.


I am interested but I need you wait abit if that is ok.


That's fine. I'm in no rush. Do you have paypal?



Yah I do, can you do $200 shipped when we do it? Sorry I just got laid off and am going to the UK here June 20th for a chance at a new job haha ill be back July 15th when I get back to Canada if I didn't get the job I'll go work for G4S or Brinks haha


What do you think of $210 shipping included? I can understand times are tough now.


Yah sure mines