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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Internet Icon In Taskbar

hi i am not able to get an icon in taskbar.i have win7.
i cant find it.for the internet.


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I am not exactly sure what you want to do...Is you computer wifi or are you connected to the router with network cable?
wifi to router.normal it chows icon from wifi connected in the taskbar below right.no cable
I am still not sure what you need... Maybe someone else can chime in and help... sorry dude...
maybe this pic helps.
User-inserted image
Do you see the button with the arrow up in the taskbar (lower right beside the little flag)?... This is where more taskbar icons are... It should be in there, click on the icon with the arrow... If it is, see if you can drag the wifi icon to the taskbar....
Right click your taskbar and select properties... In there under the Taskbar tab you can choose which icons to show (where it says taskbar buttons)... I think you need to choose, "never combine"... But try different settings a see what happens in the taskbar...
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You can't change the wifi icon, it changes by itself depending on the status of the adaptor.

You have the wifi icon it's just set to hide itself. Change it to show all the time by clicking customise when you click the arrow to bring up the group of tasktray icons.

Fix whatever the error is and the red/yellow star will be removed from the icon and it should show the icon you are trying to get.

What is the error that is reported when you hover the icon?
no errors has bin given.i can chow it up for all the time to see.but its the wrong icon.
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It's the wrong icon because it has errors. The symbol it's showing is indicating a problem.

Without us knowing what that problem is we are unable to help you.

Clearing the problem will restore the icon you are trying to get. Try right clicking on it and going through the troubleshooting.
i did try that no errors.its a misterie.
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Reboot the router (i.e. disconnect it from the mains for around a minute then connect it again)

Update the driver for the WiFi NIC along with any other driver updates available for the PC.

The icon is indicating a software issue, most likely the configuration of the router or of the NIC itself.
i think your wright. earlier first wifi was d-link whit some reciever.when they installed on my new adres,they didn use the reciever.dont know why.mybe i need to call them back.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
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OK it's saying that a network cable isn't connected... what network adapters are installed?

Post a screenshot of

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections

It may just be a case of disabling a network adapter that's not in use but is reporting an error because it's not plugged in.
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Disable all network adapters which aren't being used, more specifically the two with the red crosses on them (not the bluetooth one though).

You should remove all adaptors really since it looks like there may be a few which aren't really there but for now just disable them and see if that solves it.
rich you have an amazing brain.problem solved.
it was the first adapter from an old robot i had online.

thank you all .
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ive seen this only twice in the 5 years i do robotics.
just helping whit personal problems whit pc's so far.
it chows great character rich is.
thank you
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It's no problem:)

And I know Dave is joking there but I really don't do it for the $3 a pop, I'd still do it if it was only $2.50;) Seriously though, helping others is a reward in itself.

Glad the problem is sorted.
haha 2.50$

you thinking my way.am just desame person.only diff things.