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Interface To Ez-Robot

I have used Roboduino boards and they have a cable that connects to the USB port to load the IC chip.

Why doesn't EZ-Robot allow the same interface? I am now sitting here with a new toy and can't play with it because there is no interface between it and my computer.

Now I find I need an "Bluetooth Dongle" and I don't see it listed as an item to be purchased from DJ's site.

I searched Maker Shed and Adafruit and couldn't find one. I did fine some listed at SpartFun, questions is which one will I need to make my EZ-Robot function? SparkFun lists the following USB Bluetooth item.

Bluetooth Modem - BlueDongle USB sku: WRL-08180 RoHS Compliant

Description: This is a simple to use USB Bluetooth? modem. Power is gained over USB and the unit appears as a comm port using the standard FTDI VCP drivers. This device was designed to give the user the maximum amount of flexibility over the connection to remote BlueSMiRF and Bluetooth? wireless devices like the 6DOF v3 and WiTilt products.

Or would I need one of the followig ?

WRL-00158 RoHS Compliant Bluetooth Modem - BlueSMiRF RP-SMA

WRL-10269 RoHS Compliant Bluetooth Modem - BlueSMiRF Silver

WRL-10938 RoHS Compliant Bluetooth Modem - BlueSMiRF HID

Thanks larystoy

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Any if those will work as well as the $2 dongles you can find on eBay or the $15 ones from any office supply or computer store. Arduino and similar you load a program into the board. EZ B you use with a computer doing the heavy lifting znd a command interpreter is already loaded on the board.


@larystoy Hello, you can purchase an USB Bluetooth dongle from your local computer store, or from many online websites if you are willing to wait for shipping.:)


Thanks for the prompt reply to my request on Bluetooth issue.

Resolved it on E-Bay for less than $5.

Note to DJ, you might want to make the dongle an option with the full kit version, it would surly enhance that package.


I am going to need at least another 3 or 4 more of these kits personally, I'm retired and have been working on my Wallee for over two years but was held up until you put together your complete package.

So now I am off to the races and will soon be a happy camper !



@larystoy, you may also want to consider going with wifi or a synapse module for one of those kits if you want range. I am hoping to get a wifi kit in the near future. Elechouse has them for $42.50. DJ links to them as well. I have not heard of anyone running one yet. I am going to need the range on my bot for full house coverage eventually!

Wifi Module




Lary, we sell USB Bluetooth dongles but we are currently sold out. We are moving to a new shipping facility. We will be back online with full inventory after February 17th. Including some robot platforms and a some ez bits:)