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If it were to turn out to be Windows compatable, this could hold some promise to combine this with ARC, especially where the mic's are concerned. Interesting product indeed.


Thanks for sharing that David! I've been looking for a product like that and that looks incredible! Can't wait to hear what they reply to you with about the API.


So far I have just received a request for more information about the question that I had asked. The response has been sent and I am waiting to hear back with more information.


I have obtained the "creators" email address and have passed it on to DJ. Hopefully it will not be hard to integrate. If the mic and speakers are seen as normal mic and speakers, there wouldn't really be any integration needed, other than maybe for the proxy sensor and lights. Anyway, for those interested, there is some movement.


Did they mention if they have an API for windows?


The person I was in contact with wasn't technical at all. They gave me the "Creators" email address and I thought it best to have DJ communicate with him instead of multiple conversations going on with him. I am going to wait to see if they can answer any questions DJ might have before reaching out to this guy.

United Kingdom

That's cool. Thanks for the update and for checking it out David.