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Interesting Omni Wheels Info.


There are a lot of cheap omni wheels on the market now but basically they all have plastic rollers which prevent them from working well.
Recently we had molds made for a new version of a common omni wheel so that we could fit it with natural rubber rollers.
The result is a cheap alternative to mecanum wheels that has surprisingly good traction.

A video of "Scamper" in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86Ej8z0eI20

We also have some new metal geared motors with a shaft extending out the back so our encoder kit can be fitted to the motors.
The robot uses our Mini Driver as a low cost "smart" motor driver that monititors the encoder to control the motor speed.



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United Kingdom
Ah you get those emails too then? I've been getting the same email over and over for a few weeks now.

I'm tempted to get some to play with.
Yep, the email.... Not sure how they got my email through....
I got the same email. I've ordered a dagu controller before so probably from that.