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Interactive Talking Robot


please guide what should i buy to build interactive robot like e-wall... with voice recognition and face recognition and answer with entering program bot thanks:)


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This can all be done through scripts or through external applications. EZ-AI is an external application that can do all of these things. It communicates with ARC. It is a much more complicated process.

You could also use the camera component in ARC, The voice recognition piece in ARC and the pandorabot component in ARC. This is the first thing I would try. If it doesn't meet your needs, you can look to external applications that communicate with ARC.

The script component in ARC is very powerful. You would be able to tie actions to what happens inside of these components, but I would first start with understanding these components. Each of these components has a ? button on it. Use this button for instructions for that control. It will help you understand the control and how to use it.


hi D Cochran...

the ARC can combine with other robot part, bioloid? or only for ez-robot part? how to make the robot tall 60cm, with the ezrobot? can interactive talk, walk, recognition face and voice. i really need more info. thanks


I am doing this with a 3 foot tall upper body on an Inmoov robot. Size doesn't matter as long as you have the power to drive the motors you are using. If you were going to drive 24V wheelchair motors, you would drive a H-Bridge of some sort from the EZ-B with the power to the motors coming from the H-Bridge for example.

The EZ-B can be used with custom robot builds. ARC drives the EZ-B.

Look at this thread to see a custom robot build with ARC and multiple EZ-B's

Take a look at this thread to see some sample scripts that drive other robots.

The EZ-B and ARC aren't just for the revolution robots. It is the most powerful robot controller on the planet with the easiest to use interface for programming.


Master D, thanks for concern to help me....

before i know ez-robot i hv an idea to buy bioloid premium, do you think can combine with the head from ez-robot, so can interactive respond vocally to motion, glyphs, faces. or can not be combine, only just one product from ez-robot with Jd n need to add more part to build like alan robot? please guide more,



The head won't be able to be attached directly. You will have to do some modification to it.

EZ-Robot works with most of the arduino sensors. Digital and analog sensors you will be fine with. Serial should also be fine. I2c is a more complicated interface.

You simply build and fabricate what you want to build. Parts may need to be modified but that makes it your own.


hi Master D...

im sorry, its new world for me... about robot things. can you be more specific ... what mean by I2c? yes i think can be use with arduino sensors. so, did the head with complete cam for recognize face and voice can be separate part? as part i need to combine with the bioloid gp premium? or can not?

if i buy JD humanoid, how to make it tall 60cm? need to buy 2 set or like what? how you build alan robot? but not kind of face as human, cz too scary for me...

please guide. thanks


hello Master D...

i would like to buy EZ-AI 2 component cost $58.95? where the store to click payment? is it same store with ez-robot? now, i have found the program i've looking for. so for make real like ur teddy for ur grand daughter, i think its good to speak about weather and can sing as well.... i can modify later... please guide again, thanks


There are many ways to make parts. 3D printing is one way which is the most common for home robot builders. Some use PVC scraps and shape them with heat. Some use cardboard. Some use metal and cut and shape it. Some use fiberglass. I have seen some on here use wood. There are many ways to build structure.

I have a website that has a page that I have gathered some general information about topics that relate to robotics.

Feel free to look there for information. I am sure that these links will take you to websites that have more information in it.

To answer you question, if you buy the JD head and nothing else, you will be missing the EZB robot controller. This is the brain of the robot so that should definately be purchased. You will also need a battery and a battery adaptor to fit the base that the EZB robot controller sits in.

You will need to download the ARC software to a windows based computer that is running windows 7 or greater.

After that, you plug everything into the EZB correctly (see EZ-Robot LEARN section of this website).

You connect your EZB to your network (again instructions are in the LEARN section of the website) over wifi.

you connect ARC to your EZB. Once this connection is made, you can program ARC to do whatever you want your robot to do.

The JD head has a camera, 18 lights for the eyes and 2 servos in the neck for pan and tilt. How you attach this to your robot body could be as easy as using hot glue. It could be as complicated as fabricating some new attachment. It really becomes up to you at this point.

Speech recognition, object recognition, and everything else you have asked about is available in ARC. I would recommend that you download ARC (free download) and install it. You dont need a robot to be able to see what all the software can do. I had the software installed for 3 or 4 months prior to ever having a EZ-B which allowed me to learn it pretty well. I would recommend that you start with this to see what is available in ARC. Once you see what is possible you will be able to know if it is right for what you want to do.


hello Master D...

cz im from indonesia, need all by shipping cost with very expensive, please let me know if there is need more to buy. here is my list

  1. personal roborealm program
  2. robot part 2.1. JD Humanoid 1 set 2.2. Lipo Battery = 2 pcs 2.3. EX B-V4 Developer kit 2.4. lipo Battery Balancer Charger 2.5. Power Shell 2.6. Alternate Power Adapter 2.7. 6xAA Battery Holder 2.8. Inline 5V regulator (30cm) = need how many pcs? 2.9. 18 RGB LED PCB 2.10. Heavy Duty servo = need how many unit? 2.11. Standard Micro servo = need how many unit? 2.12. continuous rotation servo = need how many unit? cz i seen ur video for neck there was 3 unit 2.13. 2.5 amp motor controller = need how many unit? 2.14. jumper cable kit = need how many unit? 2.15. EZ-B-V4 Camera Cable (25cm) 2.16. EZ-B-V4 12C peripheral cable 2.17. Humanoid body includes battery 2.18. Extension Block 10 unit 2.19. 4-in-1 orientation sensor 2.20. Inverted pendulum 2.21. ultrasonic distance
  3. robot componen part 3.1. Double Din Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T 3.2. QQ-Tech® Newest Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard 3.3. ARCTIC S111 USB-Powered 3.4. Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR3 1600 MT/s (PC3-12800) CL9 @1.5V UDIMM 240-Pin Memory BLS2KIT8G3D1609DS1S00 3.5.Intel Core i5-4690K Processor 3.5 GHz LGA 1150 BX80646I54690K 3.6. 2 of Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, 1080p Widescreen Video Calling and Recording 3.7. 2 of Hercules HD Twist cameras 3.8.EVGA Z97 Stinger Wi-Fi LGA 1150 Mini-ITX 2 DIMM Dual-Channel DDR3 2666MHz Motherboard 3.9. Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - CPU Cooler with 120mm PWM Fan (RR-212E-20PK-R2). 3.10. Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound 3.5 Grams 3.11.SABRENT 2.5 to 3.5 Inches Internal Hard Disk Drive Mounting Kit (BK-HDDH) 3.12. 3 of Monoprice 104958 8-Feet 28AWG High Speed HDMI Cable with Ferrite Cores - Black 3.13. Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III SSD 3.14. Seagate 4GB hard drive 3.15. Garmin GPS 18x Receiver 3.16. windows 8.1 64 bit
  4. power 4.1. 6 of Blue Sea Systems 10 Gang Common 150A Busbar with Cover 4.2.Power Bright PW400-12 Power Inverter 400 Watt 12 Volt DC To 110 Volt AC 4.3.NOCO Genius G15000 12V/24V 15A Pro Series UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger 4.4. 2 of SMAKN® DC/DC Converter 12V/24V/36V 11-40V Step Down to 6V/25A 6V 25A 150W Power Supply Module 4.5. 2 of SMAKN® DC/DC Converter 12V/24V/36V 11-40V Step Down to 5V/10A 5V 10A 50W Power Supply Module 4.6. Jazzy Select Elite Wheelchair U1 replacement battery - SPS Brand ( 2 pack - 12V 35Ah) 4.7. Wire Cord, 25', 10 Gauge, 4 Conductor (10/4) 600V SOOW
  5. robot controller 5.1. 5 x EZ-B V4s (120 Digital ports, 40 analog ports, 5 V4 cameras, 15 UART ports and 15 I2C ports) = need 5 unit? 5.2. 2x standar micro servo 5.3. 3 Arduino Min Pro 5V - 1 for parking sensors, 1 for neopixel in waist and one for neopixel in the head (dont understand)
  6. servo motor 6.1. 5bosch 12V servo? can apply with what brand? 6.2. 10HB-805BB Servos ? pls apply picture, i cant found it 6.3. 10HK 15298B Servos 6.4. DS929HV Servos ? not found it 6.5. 4MG996R servos
  7. other 7.1. 4 Parking Sensors LED Display Car Reverse Backup Radar System - Car distance sensor thread 7.2. Neopixel 16 led ring - NeoPixel thread 7.3. 4 HDMI cable breakout boards


  1. robot component part + power + servo and other things. what for? apply on which part?
  2. the servo its analog or digital?
  3. if i order item no 1 & 2, can i apply with other product? how?
  4. your ez-robot operation with what system?

please guide, thanks


There is a guy on who builds amazing parts from scraps on here named @EricEZ. He might be able to help as he speeds the same language ad you.

The parts you will need depend on what you want to build. All of the parts you listed were from multiple robot builds. You should either spend some time designing a robot to identify all of the parts you will need, or pickup the developer kit, battery and charger and see what you can build out of it. Don't start with a huge project. Start with something small and build from there.