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Have you all seen www.instructables.com? I have some of my robots up. They have great contests for robots and stuff. There is one robot contest right now! With the stuff going on here, if you all entered, I bet one of you will be taking home a prize!!!

I can say it helps to make a video also... Pictures are really important. The more information the better.


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Cool! I may have something that would fit the bill.
Awesome! I totally think EZ-Robot needs to dominate instructables and show them what we got!! Even incomplete robots can be submitted. Let's dominate the world!
I would love to tackle this contest , maybe I'm reading the wrong page but its not specific what they are looking for , so I guess they are looking for the most doable project? Hmmm
Everyone.should know now I'm.a over documentation nut. Lol I take.progress pictures of everything and make.practical and colorful diagrams.
Lol , remember evolver? I'm thinking of putting a fully automatic airsoft gun on the left arm :). Home security , no one wants to rob a place shooting at them lol
Lol you two are hilarious:)

Here's an example of the instructable i did last night: http://www.instructables.com/id/Brookstone-Rover/

Instructables really seems to love EZ-Robot... My entry is featured on their home page right now! I suspect any of yours would be too. Expecially any omnibot's or custom ones.
Lol best for last maybe? Lol , I hots work to do!
South Africa
I wanted to enter the contest but only a few countries are allowed to enter