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Install ARC On Windows Xp

Hi every body,

I'm a french technic teacher and i was bought 2 EZ robot KIT V3. So I just see that I cannot install EZ builder on Win XP. All my classroom computers are on Win XP.

How can install EZ builder (a last version maybe) ?

I want to create a robotic challenge between my students and I'm disappointed for this time.

Thanks very much for your help.




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Renaub, Microsoft has discontinued support of Windows XP - which is why we are unable to support it ourselves. The .Net Framework and memory management features that we use for optimization are not available in Windows XP. The ARC download page does not include Windows XP as a supported operating system.

I wish I had better news for you, but I do not. We cannot support Windows XP because it is 12 years old and discontinued. Microsoft discontinued support of Windows XP in 2009. It is now 2014, and there is no support for the operating system any longer.:( Which is too bad, because it was a great OS!


Thanks a lot for your answer !

I 'll try to go on ! I'm a warrior !

Thanks again for your work !

Have a nice day.



:) And thank you very much for understanding. I hope you are able to obtain a solution. Good luck!


Humzzz.....Didn't the older versions of ARC work with XP? I thought there were some folks here running older versions of ARC on Win-XP?


I'm thinking the older versions were developed with .NET framework 4.0 which was the last framework version to run on XP. @DJ do you recall the last release that was developed under 4.0 framework? I'm curious for personal reasons as I have several WinXP machines I would not mind running an older version of ARC on. (Not trying to push you guys to support it - because I sure wouldn't.)


I went back through the previous versions and it appears version 12-1-13 is the last version developed under .NET framework 4.0 and thus the last version to work with Windows XP. Because I'm a software hoarder I have nearly every version of ARC. Attached is a screen shot of it running on tiny Dell Netbook with limited system resources. I'm sure you'd be much better off running the latest and greatest version on at least a Window 7 system, but if you have 12-1-13 or older you should be OK to run it on an XP system.

If you need version 12-1-13 send me a message at

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The problem with running older versions is when you come to need help. Off the top of my head (and I am sure there are more changes than these) a lot has changed since that version; EZ-Script syntax has changed a lot A lot of EZ-Script commands have been added Multi-Servo support has been added The whole Cloud will be incompatible No custom colour tracking support

There have been 64 updates since that release which means a lot has changed. Support on an old version will be almost non existent despite our best efforts to help.


@Rich I 100% agree. And in using an older version on an unsupported operating system I think folks should accept and expect no assistance if problems are encountered. But with that understanding I say why not run it if you want to?

#10 This link contains all of the older versions if you want them.


I'm going to call SPAM on that post and link. I think it post #11 should be removed.

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Did you check it? Software Informer is apparently a safe site. I've not used it personally but reviews on the internet state it's >80% safe.

The page linked to does, in fact take you to a download page for an old version of ARC (apparently). I have not downloaded to test as I am at work and do not wish to take the risk outside of my sandbox however everything looks above board.

Either way, EZ-Robot staff no doubt check for spam and remove as appropriate and therefore does not require user policing, incorrect flagging of spam is what caused a slight rupture in our unicorn fart and rainbow filled community.

Most, if not all members of the community are aware of the risks of downloading any file from anywhere and therefore should be taking their own precautions anyway.

In any case, I'll download and try it out on my sandbox when I get chance (although I believe there are better, more trusted places to get the final XP version)


My only issue is the poster said all previous versions were there, and in fact there are only 2. The first, and 14th. I too would only install in a sandboxed VM to verify that neither the installer or the app was tampered with.



So Rich, what does a unicorn fart smell like?

I don't know mrdobbie, it looks like a brand new account, no prior posts and like Alan said it does not contain all previous versions as advertised. I'd rather shout out "Stanger Danger" and be wrong then let other community members travel down a dark alley only to get mugged.

@mrdobbie if I'm wrong and you are trying to share archived copies please let us know and maybe tell us about yourself.

The last XP version is on my site (for those that trust me)