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Inspiration For New Projects

Hello Community!

I've been out of the robot circuit for a while, but have recently made some new acquisitions that I would like to utilize in a project. I am looking for some creative ideas for new projects. My current "Useful Stock" is: 2 Ez-b v4 2 Raspberry pi 3+ 4 hd servos 3 mini servos 4+ solid state relays Lots of electronic cases(external hard drive enclosures) Lots of metal and plastic tid-bits Lots of foam and cardboard. (I horde so much I thought about doing an online garage sale)

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I have thought of creating a scratch built 1/3 scale R2D2, and have a garbage can with the right dimensions, and other do-dads which will work. As well, I thought of making some little "Desk helpers", being little enclosed robots which I could interact with, or add other functions to.

I now have a Flashforge Finder 3D printer and Solidworks, which has been fun experimenting and learning, and would love to try and incorporate. I do a lot of camera work, filming aircraft and photographing anything really, so perhaps the project could incorporate this as well. I also have an in-progress 4ft wingspan RC plane which could use some spicing up!

I leave it up to the community. What should I venture to make next? I will of course try making videos on the ideas. I am also open to joint effort projects.

Thanks for any responses. Having just come back to the forum, it seems to have certainly picked up in project quality and technicality! Great job guys.


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I like the RC plane idea, what kind? Its one of my fav hobbies.


Firstly, I am most impressed that your parts drawers are so highly organized with dividers and baggies!

I think a custom R2D2 would be cool! That is something that has been on my to do list for while as well.


@RoboHappy the plane is a scratch built representation of the Flite test guinea. In the way of modifications, I would love to add a tracking camera, possibly autopilot, but otherwise I'm looking for more ideas.

@JustinRatliff Thank you! Have been spring cleaning, hence the great organization. It wasn't so nice before... I was really into R2, but it is something that many people have already done. Not to mention, if its not full scale, I feel that it is overshadowed by the full scale guys. I'm trying to generate ideas for a more unique undertaking.

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Hi, How about a flying robot or Superman type character, able to fly, land, and do recognition and interaction with it's environment?

Could be drone or wing for flying , with wheel or track base?

Just thoughts.....


It would combine many of your talents into the "Transformer JD" type super hero, The flying Snoopy Dog House idea with an interacting "Snoopy" comes to mind. (of course my mind is a scary place) or a flying Batman character.

I hope to see a Project Showcase some day.

Have Fun !


hehe, I've seen the flying snoopy or superman rc airplanes, very cool.


superhero robotic quad copter- Has to be something in that :-)