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Asked — Edited

Inmoov Shoulder Piston Sleeve

Deleted content


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@merne . What did "edited deleted" mean?
When I replied I thought it was the elbow piston gear. But just as I posted I reread your post.

Your cover is pretty cool. Have you tested it to make sure it won't bind when moving? :)
Yes, there is lots of clearance.
@Holy1, Your piston cover looks great. Did you test it out and make sure that it doesn't hit the ThroatHole when the arms are horizontal to the floor?
@bhouston. I am working on the shoulder now and didn't realize how much that piston pivoted. I think it will hit the throathole so I have deleted the file.
Thanks for pointing it out Bob.

@merne , if that is what you were talking about then I apologize.