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In Search Of Omnibot 2000

Hi every im looking for a omnibot 2000 without remote or even radio command hard ware for the insides of the torso. Just need the complete robot body,complete head, trays, covers and ext to use as a shell for next project. Any one got one they'd like to sale or multiple people with spare parts so i could bulid a complete omnibot 2000
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$100 with free shipping.
Hope that works for you.
Yea that totally works as i was gonna ask if youd take that lmfao didnt even see that before i posted last comment
msc daver i sent you the money on paypal, did i sent you my mailing address or do you still need it? And thank you so much for this amazing opportunity without you msc daver and nomad r6 i would have never dreamed i ever get to own an omnibot 2000 thank you both so much, i will forever be grateful. Thank you
Msc daver is there any ways you could send me the tracking number?
I will send the tracking as soon as I get it sent.
I work 10 hr days and I need to get some rest then box the robot for shipping.
I will send it as soon as I can.
Thank you:) and i forgot u said you worked 10 hour days, im sorry about that And thank you for your generosity, you have truelly made me a happy camper:)
I had trouble finding the robots back and another part.
The robot was shipped to me with very few screw so I had to find some to put your robot back together for shipping.
Your robot has been shipped and is on his way to you.
Thank you and did you happen to receive a tracking number for the robot?
I sent the tracking number to your email
Track# 1Z Y77 A95 03 0012 0563

do you have your robot now?
Yes i do, im so happy! .... except for the fact that the stupid ups damaged the back of the of it, its 2 small cracks but other than that its all good. Ill just have to epockize it or use a 3d print pin and fill in the crack. But its looking good none the less. Thank you nomad and thank you msc daver
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User-inserted image
great he is looking good.eureka.

Glad to see you got your Omnibot 2000!
Hope you build an epic robot with him!
Have a blast!
I got some cheap RC speed controllers off ebay and tested them in my Omnibot and they work very well.
As easy to use as continuous rotation servos!
I had him driving all through my house.
Thank you mcs daver. I think i might use oem still motors and the new adapter controller thing that ez robot came out for omnibots
Hello ! did you ever start your omnibot 2000 project? any pictures or stories to tell?