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In Search Of Omnibot 2000

Hi every im looking for a omnibot 2000 without remote or even radio command hard ware for the insides of the torso. Just need the complete robot body,complete head, trays, covers and ext to use as a shell for next project. Any one got one they'd like to sale or multiple people with spare parts so i could bulid a complete omnibot 2000

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I was going to say "eBay is your friend" - but Perry found a nice example!

I've seen complete units go for anywhere between $100 - $1000 (the latter never sold, AFAIK). I found one a year or so ago for under $200 shipped, so it's a matter of how patient you are.:)


Thank you guys. I guess ill just have to be patient and wait for a good deal to pop up. Hopeful i wont have to wait to long lol.


the link perry gave is the most cheapest you can find.


Agree with Nomad on price - I waited about two years before I found mine at $200. Getting it for $236 shipped is a steal! If I didn't have other priorities, I'd snap it up myself (I still may!)


I agree the price for it isnt bad at all and i would love nothing more to buy it up, unfortunately i cant afford the shipping at the moment due not obligations or id have bought it in a heart beat :c



is it only the chipping you need?do you have paypal?


no i think i still have the chip left over from omega, rest his soul but the omnibot 2000 was the bot i was originally tryn to get a hold off before i started omega project and as far as a paypal i believe i have one for my ebay account


maybe you can place your mail adres in your settings.people who wants to donate, can send to your paypal.


Sure but what do i, do i just put my email adress in this comment section for people to donate to? not sure how that works?


when people click your icon pic,they see your mail adres.


Ok i think i done it right i put my email in the bios area you shown me


good job lets hope for the best.


Me too and thank you so much Nomad. Im glad to be part of the ez-robot community you guys are awesome;)


yes ez robot members are awesome.this forum is a strong one. so people first donation is in.please follow.still need 150 dollar.


Thank you so much it has been my dream since the moment i seen an omnibot 2000 to make it my own. I am forever grateful for the help you have given me thank you.


where are all the omnibot lovers here?


Yea i know right i though for a second some one would have love that omnibot accessory


I know but just though a collector would enjoy it lol


Thats true lol i couldnt be a collector of omnibot 2000's cuz i couldnt resist wanting to revive it with ez-robot power lol. Now if only i could get the dang thing to revive lol


Other than you Nomad, no one else has, and thank you so much btw:) ive been tryn to sell some things to get some cash to try and get closer to purchasing it but ive had no luck so far :c


nomad - historically, the community arranged donation (such as ptp'd 3d printer) due to their previous involvement in contribution to ez-robot's platform. ptp, for example had created many plugins and assisted with many robot builds. In response to effort of individuals like that, those who have benefited from ptp's effort have contributed to donation for him. In the case of OmegaProject, there isn't a similar alignment for community engagement.

That being said, perhaps in the future there will be significant amount of effort in the community by OmegaProject in the form of plugins and such - where a similar donation model may apply.

Have fun!


hi dj

my brain say i understand what you are saying,my heart dont. i dont now if there wil be omnibot on sale in the future,the asking prize are, starting from 700 to 1500 dollars.even new in box they need upgrades.

thanks for explanning.


They seem to be on ebay all the time for $2-$400 so it's not like this is the last one in the world. I am not sure where you are getting those prices from. I think we all would like it on some level. Good news, if not this one another will be available which will give Omega time to save up.

Omega, just start saving and check ebay once a week or month. Soon you will have one.


Thats true thanks and nomad message me on here i dont check emails often or fb


hi perry

i found the prize here.


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i know i read it.


Well maybe some one in the community may have one to sell if i dont find one on ebay. Like he said i just have to wait and save up and when i do find one with the cash i can grab it then



i asked if you have an ezbv4/lipo batt/charger/lever servo's?


no ive searched all over the place, i must have gave it away with omega. I gave my grandparents it and i must have left the kit with them


no grandparents told me they sold it in their garage sale for what they could to put towards their bills, or gambling. honestly wouldnt be suprised if they wasted it on gambling. Its really annoying that they didnt even bother to ask me before they sold it.


Yea tell me about it lol. Its ok though even if i can get one thing at a time i will be alright. Ive even be tryn to research of how to make my own o.s from scratch or at least write an excising o.s from the ground up, to implament for my future robotic projects but not much luck with that so far kinda hard to understand lol


i started desame way.bying part by part.and in the end i almost could, not get into my


@Omegaproject... Before you tackle creating a new os like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did... Just wondering if you ever got your free energy project up and running? Free energy post# 8


So yea begining to think making my own o.s is useless now or days lmfao i think ill just use already made o.s's that i like and just right every last bit of text from the o.s files and just manually write them in a vitual box that way and see how well i do lol


No i never did i learned that thermodynamics will stop it every time lol. Closest thing to free energy is solar, wind, and water wheels lmfao. But maybe one day ill try again


Lol nomad if only u had seen omega project when i started it was a nightmare of parts, circuit boards and wires every where lol


I have an extra Omnibot 2000 I can sell you. He has some yellowing. The old electronics are out and some of the screws are missing. The drive motors and right arm motors are all good. I think the head has a bad gear and may not work well. Make an offer if you want it.

I also have an extra Ultimate WALL-E with remote, new rechargeable battery and charger. He works very well. Anyone can make an offer for him.



You have a link?

MCS daver

Nice of you to offer.


Do you have any photos of it? And where is it located at?


Thank you for the offer MSC daver btw didnt think any one would have a extra to spare lol and nomad do i have a link to what?



a link of your previous projects.


On my ez-robot page i have link of omega and his stage 2 concept that would have been along with roll x concept art


found have some cool robots there.nice.


Yea i had some, omega was my pride and joy, it really sux that i never got to complete him, i mean i could make an exact replica of him but it wouldnt be the same plus it would very hard to get another omnibot 2000 remake head, since is no longer available. Or i could bring back omiglieo from the dead. Omniglio was a experimental robot from the 80s accrording to blog and its really cool and all but it would require an omnibot 2000 torso, tracks, arms and an emglieo torso and arms along with an omnbot 5402 head and head cover.

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wow thats a nice one wil make your best robot now.i feel it.


Yeah it's pretty cool I think. By the way I am the who built that many years ago. To bad ez robot wasn't around at that time.



you build this robot?

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Omg rb550f u built omniglio! Dude that robot was and still is. Epic looking, it would have been amazing to see it in action. And nomad thank you i believe i will do much better this time around as well. That is id i can get msc daver to sent me so pics of his omnibot 2000 to make an off on it lmfao



sounds great.fingers crossed.


User-inserted image

Here is a picture! I work 10 hour days and when I got home my phone and camera both needed charged. I have a video uploading on YouTube showing some future and present robotic projects.


Dang MSC Daver thats alot of robots and the omnibot 2000 is in nice shape. Where are u located. So i can get a figure of shipping cost and throw you a offer for it, I live in oklahoma


I live in Missouri, not so far away from Oklahoma! One of my sisters lives near Tulsa. My zip code is 65625.


Sweet. So just wondering was kinda offer would u take as your bottom dollar i dont mean to ask to be a cheap skate im just never have alot of money lol, gotta love life u know lol


How much did you figure the shipping would be?


Im not sure. I know omnibot 2000 is 2.5 foot tall bur not sure of weight


Idk if maybe post office could tell me or not on the shippn i guess it just who ever you use to shipp it


$100 with free shipping. Hope that works for you.


Yea that totally works as i was gonna ask if youd take that lmfao didnt even see that before i posted last comment


msc daver i sent you the money on paypal, did i sent you my mailing address or do you still need it? And thank you so much for this amazing opportunity without you msc daver and nomad r6 i would have never dreamed i ever get to own an omnibot 2000 thank you both so much, i will forever be grateful. Thank you


Msc daver is there any ways you could send me the tracking number?


I will send the tracking as soon as I get it sent. I work 10 hr days and I need to get some rest then box the robot for shipping. I will send it as soon as I can.


Thank you:) and i forgot u said you worked 10 hour days, im sorry about that And thank you for your generosity, you have truelly made me a happy camper:)


I had trouble finding the robots back and another part. The robot was shipped to me with very few screw so I had to find some to put your robot back together for shipping. Your robot has been shipped and is on his way to you.


Thank you and did you happen to receive a tracking number for the robot?


I sent the tracking number to your email Track# 1Z Y77 A95 03 0012 0563



do you have your robot now?


Yes i do, im so happy! .... except for the fact that the stupid ups damaged the back of the of it, its 2 small cracks but other than that its all good. Ill just have to epockize it or use a 3d print pin and fill in the crack. But its looking good none the less. Thank you nomad and thank you msc daver

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great he is looking good.eureka.


Glad to see you got your Omnibot 2000! Hope you build an epic robot with him! Have a blast! I got some cheap RC speed controllers off ebay and tested them in my Omnibot and they work very well. As easy to use as continuous rotation servos! I had him driving all through my house. David


Thank you mcs daver. I think i might use oem still motors and the new adapter controller thing that ez robot came out for omnibots


Hello ! did you ever start your omnibot 2000 project? any pictures or stories to tell?