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The print has been removed from video. It printed without supports and was dead on. There is another user reporting 80 hours of continuous printing without a single issue. I spoke with the owner who said that they should start shipping these out to everyone on the 17th of this month.


As an added bonus for me anyway, their office is about 10 miles from my house.


@d.cochran... That is a sweet printer... stats are awesome, especially the print volume... Let us know if you buy it...

On a separate note... I caved and bought an UP! Plus 2 3D instead of the Makerbot... It was nearly a $1000 cheaper so I fell victim... LOL. It had\has won awards as best in class... There are some limitations.... print volume is only 14cm x 14cm x 13.5cm (something like that) and the software is kind of limited in customization... Still reliability, print quality and ease (auto levelling and auto deck height detect) of use finally sold it for me over the Makerbot...


I have been looking around again and really like that these guys are down the road. If I need to pick up a part, its a short car drive to pick it up. I have been in the office a couple of times and the machinery they have to make this printer is impressive.

I am sure that I could also go down there and see it print first hand. I am thinking about picking up 2 of these to reduce the print time it is going to take for the inmoov.


Ha, Ha... You're hooked on InMoov as well... I have been printing parts for inmoov for about a day now... Probably the most excited I have been about a project in a long time... :)


I have the left wrist and hand done but I am not impressed with the printout. It was during this that my printer failed again and I decided that I have had enough with it. I doubt I will use the parts I printed but who knows.

I am stocking up on servos now while teaching the class. A lot of people are waiting on me to complete it. I keep telling them that it will be a year long project.

The vision that I have for this is for it to use a segway for its legs. I want to be able to use it at football and basketball games. I also want to have it be able to do some sign language.


Its either this or a full size R2. I am not sure which will win out.


@d.cochran Hmmm... see that's why you need two printers... One for inmoov and one for R2... Problem solved.... :)