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Asked — Edited

If You Want Your Robot To Have More A.I.

All you professional programmers. This is a Chalenge to you.

The algorythm below is what I am trying to accomplish on my robot.
It is NOT a program, but just an idea. If this works, we will have not only an autonymous robot, but one that will be able to LEARN and Improve over time.

Anyone is welcome to tackle it. If you succeed, please POST the code.

This should be changed into code and Placed inside your Navigation script.

Set ConfidenceLevel to 3
#a group of any actions could be more or less than 16 but I have actions (0-15)
5=Spin Around
14=Check4Lifeforms (ScanPIR)

While navigating:

Generate Unique Random Number (RN) (0-15)
choose action (that random number)
Read LastMove
if last move=bad then (confidence level=confidenceLevel -1)
if last move=good then (confidence level equal ConfidenceLevel +1)
if ConfidenceLevel more than 3 then confidenceLevel=3
if ConfidenceLevel less than 0 then confidenceLevel=zero
if confidenceLevel greater than Zero then confidenceLevel=good
if confidenceLevel =zero then goback and generate New RN
and start over at the top
read status of sonars
if status= good then confidenceLevel =(confidenceLevel+1)
if status=good then preform Action
if status=bad then confidencelevel=(confidenceLevel-1)
if status=bad then goback and generate new RN
let lastmove=newmove
save status
save lastmove

We would also listen for the word "No!"
if we heard that, Confidencelevel would shrink to Zero
also we listen for the word "GOOD!"
if we heard that, confidencelevel would be equal to 3

This is a very CRUDE representation of this Algorythm, but,
By doing this, the robot could be trained and have More accuracy and Learning. he would be smarter.
He will know Good from Bad. Bad would be like running into something. Good would be clear path, etc.

Hope you understand what I am trying to accomplish. If I were a good programmer, it would have already been done.


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What the Robot will do is that he will react to your algorythm. You are giving him an Environment and sixteen or more actions to preform. You are simply telling him not WHAT to do, but that he MUST do something. HE chooses and decides which action to take by himself. When he makes his choice it will be either a Good choice or a BAD choice. His confidence will be Raised or Lowered with each deciscion that he makes. Over time, he will LEARN much like we do by DOING. After a while, he should exibit Emergent Behavior. Later on, we could make his decisions based on EMOTIONS also to influence his choice. For instance, he may be AFRAID of the Dark , so he will run away from it and seek the light. He may not like HIGH VOLUMES in audio. He may go to somewhere quite to relax. He may run toward you if he is not affraid or he may Avoid you if he doesn't like you. ALL of these choices are UP TO HIM! This way you are giving him FREE AGENCY like our Heavenly Father gave us when we came to the Earth to be tested. HE will choose his own Destiny being a FREE robot, not a Slave.

Hope some of you can do this. It would REALLY help the robot to be more human like.

I have been trying this for the last 20 years of robot building. But, I am simply NOT a professional programmer.

Good LUCK!
Let me know if YOU are going to accept the Challenge.
I will be trying it also. But, Fred, if you want to help , I would appreciate it.

It is ALL about programming. The only programming I took up in school was Fortran and CoBol. I would loved to have taken up C# and Java and VB and stuff like that.

side note:
(My homemade Marti (EZB) is doing so much more than my Qbo EVO Pro which is JUST SITTING THERE like the turtlebot I threw away.)

Fred, do you understand the CONCEPT of the point I was trying to make above?

Marti is working fine, except for Navigation and A.I. Maybe this script will help. who knows.

YES,and yes i will help,problem is not helping you,just never get done with my omnibot 2000 project.
I guess you are trying to get it be like the AI software we both have from our club (dont mention the name) ,i want the same thing also,
Am i right about this
One main reason going to work on it,but it is a very long list of AI stuff to add from other software
SO it will take awhile to finish it for you and me

AND YES guys will post the code if i am able to make for everyone to use
I always will post all my codes for others to use,i dont see much code sharing on this site.

I see many many robot projects but ALMOST no codes to share ,WHY
Maybe most of these people are NOVICE , or they are Engineers for Hardware, not software.

Most people who really know how to program well are off making TONS of money enjoying what they do. They stay so busy there is not much time for family. But, BOY, D.J. and his team are Surely GOOD at what they do. And Fast!

@MovieMaker..totally awesome! I am 100percent in agreement with your philosophy...hmmm perhaps robotmaker with all his AI expertise can tackle that one!..I love it when the light comes ON...and wow MovieMaker your lighting up the Forum!....Let the experiments begin.Like you I am not a pro programmer but your PREscript is intriguing and worth pursuing. and thanks DJ for you valuable input to "kickstart" the idea.

I am glad you enjoyed the conversation. Hope that we can all make it fruitful.

God Bless!
I do know about AI ,been testing different AI software for a very long long time ,so far this maybe a good platform to add it too,but there is a lot of programming needed to make a true AI software.

Like the one i am using now no programming is needed,but wont work for EZB
so converting it to EZB AI will take a very long time,SCRIPTING and TXT file does make it a little easy
Also i dont know about the $AIsuccess how it compares to the ones used in AI software i have
since they are using many ,AI values we have are based on emotions ,mood ,random and more,

Maybe i can post a small part of the AI code and see if it can be done.
I think DJ said that the $AIsuccess is only random and ours also has a differents of levels ,like 1,2,3,4 depending on the mood or emotions or random

i guess only DJ can answer it,or make changes if he wants
Fred, feel FREE to post code. I would like to look at any code you have.
United Kingdom
@robotmaker, there is more than just a lot of code for good AI, try millions of dollars in R&D and literally years of writing and fine tuning code, that's what happens when game devs use AI.

What DJ was talking about with the $AIsuccess is the personality generator, there's noting stopping anyone from making a different personality generator/AI with different levels etc. Personality generator, at least on first looks, is a basic form of AI based on random numbers picking an action and code to avoid repeating the same thing too many times in a row. It'll work for some applications but those who want more lifelike, more of a freewill for their bots will be disappointed in it... but if you want a robot that advanced you have to put the time and effort in.
YES i know that very well it is very hard,thats what software i have does have
Hopping to convert some to EZB CODING
The software i has does almost freewill and more lifelike
Post you email and i will send you a link to the code,so DJ wont be mad,
Then you can take a look at it,it is a very long code like you said thatr AI HAS .
I want to try to use some or most in my favorate board of all time EZB
ATleast i hope it will be about the same or just have to use both systems
THOMAS did make a code to use both together ,but on the his post DJ said no posting
dont know why DJ OBJECTS about it,it uses the EZB
Fred, you already have it. But, you have not responded to hundreds of emails sent. so, go ahead and I will give it to you again.

yhmmc>yahoo Dot com.

I know yours MEL
I meant RICH's email since he like to check out AI like me
OK, well , send me one too, please.
MEL you are in the club already with me (please dont say the name dj will be mad)
Oh, you are talking about THAT software. I thought you might have written some.

Merry Merry Christmas and Happy root beer, I mean NEW YEAR!

Watch out for tommorow the 21 off dec 2012. Supposed to be the end of the world according to some people. I don't believe it. But, it is a good day to watch out for Crazies.
YEP THAT bs comes up alot,many crazies out there
MEL i forgot my friend have a bleesed christmas and a happy new year ,try not to drink is bad for for you.
I don't drink or smoke.

Same to you. thanks for your concern.
thats good i never tried to drink or smoke ever
There is absolutely no future in that sort of stuff.