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Ideas To Create A Whirring Sound

Greetings all, My project has a "time machine" (H.G.Wells) for the robot(Steam Punk) to use and I would like it to engage levers to activate it. These will turn on plasma lights and a revolving day month, and year. Its a mechanical(an old copper gasoline gallon indicator). Now here's the question: How can I create a mechanical sound to simulate speed, much like a jet engine? I know I will use a high rpm dc motor and attach the shaft to a.................. I could use a speaker but the mechanical device would be a more realistic sound. Suggestions would be greatly appeciated.:) The maximum height for it to fit into the "time machine" is 2.5 inches.
I know everyone is concentrating on their own projects and any suggestions however weird would be awesome.!


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My first thought would be to use a MP3 module and have them triggered when required. You could supplement that with a pager/phone vibrating motor.

Our just us a motor with something attached to spin against like a card in spokes kinda way.

Sorry that's all I got.

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Motor connected to some kind of propellor or fan that blows air across tubes cut to length to provide the correct pitch? Something like that maybe?


@lumpy thanks for the ideas! @Rich I am really liking your idea and to incorporate the brass pipes in a pipe organ like effect AND to be seen on the "time machine" Thanks all , for the ideas:)


You could find a small whizzy sounding DC motor and stash it somewhere in the bot just for the sound it makes? It's up to you if you think its worth the ports to do it as opposed to some of the other ideas you've already got. But i'm sure you could find a small noisy motor. When you say mechanical and whirring I instantly hear a drill in my head. I don't know how noisy the micro servos are but maybe one of those. Kind of a "why simulate noise when you can just make it" theory. If you want sound bytes check out some 90's Nine Inch Nails or 80's - 90's Skinny Puppy.

That's all I got.


@Antron007 thanks for the input......I am thinking If one of the robot arms could engage a lever, to turn on the "time machine" thereby saving a port or two! The dc motor is a good idea because of the high RPM...and as @rich has suggested move the air over a tube to create something like a jet sound reving. "Sounds" like Skinny Puppy is tuck in your mind:)


@Dave....thanks for the suggestions! I will use the speaker and mp3 choice ..if.. I cant make the mechanical option squeeze in/be effective! Rich's idea does intrigue me because if I can make a flute type brass tube with a high speed fan it would look and sound cool. I do want the sound coming from the "time machine" device/box:) ...the research continues! Best regards, Glen


GOOD idea design IROBOT i like it can you post your email i have a idea for you.


@robotmaker of course! I look forward to your idea ....though posting it here would give others who are searching for a solution another idea........I am happy to keep the thread going ....with positive comments and ideas :) ...


Thanks my good friend ,you may need to enable to show ghost uses ,since i think DJ will ban me soon after that last info other said about me in tutorials post,need to tell my other friends too to to ghost users also.

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Hi @irobot58 -

I too have been scouring the internet trying to find you a sound to use. I have been looking for a particular sound effect from one of the old Star Trek episodes. The one called "What are Little Girls Made Of" where Capt. Kirk is placed on a spinning table and it makes an android duplicate of him. The sound effect for the conversion process is really cool. Although, I can not find a clip of just the sound effect by itself. However, I am not sure if it would be good for what you are looking for because it is not really a whirring noise. I will continue on my quest to help you....maybe the links Dave gave you will work out. Audacity is a really neat program to work with....anyway good luck.