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Idea That Came Up. Cleverbot!

i had an idea during my last meal when i talked about my robots, people asked: what do they do?
me: well, i don't know really..
other ppl: interact with humans?

then the whole idea came up in my mind:
let's say there's a speech-to-text module, which types the text an user says, sending it over the internet to a talk bot (cleverbot for example).
then the bot returns it's text, making the ARC software look that text up and convert it into speech which goes over your speakers.

so basically it's this:
you talk to the robot > ARC converts it to text, sending it to cleverbot > cleverbot responds > ARC converts it to speech and plays it.

this would be so amazing to have for people who have an animatronics head.
it would be such a nice feature:D

tell me what you think~



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United Kingdom
That's all very doable with EZ-Script, and very straight forward.

You have the WaitForSpeech command which will hang there listening for the human to say something.
You save that as a variable.
You have EZ-Script look up a response to the phrase, if there is one.
You have the Say command to have the robot speak the response.
You have the Sound servo function in ARC which adjusts with sound (although I'm not too sure how it works as have only used it on a lamp so far).

I guess you mean for the mouth servos to move with the text, which I have seen somewhere I'm sure. It may be a bit more complex in the EZ-Script but it's certainly doable.
what i actually meant is that it uses an on-line database of possible responses, since that's way more fun to interact with, and a local script can't hande as much phrases as cleverbot.:p
United Kingdom
I bet it can:)

And, if the online database had an RSS feed, EZ-Script can already look that up too.
Or read from a local text file.

EZ-Script is really powerful. I've been looking for an easy with a few small challenges script to write, I may have just found it.
United Kingdom
I just re-read this, I didn't realise Cleverbot is a website... that is easy to interact with from ARC...

Since you can send a variable to cleverbot using the url http://www.cleverbot.com/?say=$command ($command being the variable) and cleverbot will reply I'm sure that can be received by ARC and converted back to voice.

Watch this space...:)
wasn't Dj working on something like this a while back? I think i remember him saying that it was supposed to be apart of ARC. but i haven't heard it mentioned in few months. Maybe this will be part of the huge update since they are making the animatronic head? :D
United Kingdom
That must have been before I discovered this place.

I have some ideas including the cleverbot or another similar thing called pandoras bot. I'm pretty confident I could write a script for having a conversation with the bot with intelligent responses. I'm at least going to have a go at it (it gives me something to do while I wait for parts for the Hearoid build)
if it works you should post your script in the ez-cloud! I am sure people would be really interested in something like this. Ive had the same realization that my robot is just kind of a "pet" that wanders the house. it would be nice for it to interact a little more.
United Kingdom
I'll be sharing it all, probably as I go. I was tempted to add it to the showcase but had second thoughts for now as this is probably better suited for the ARC scripting section. Once I have enough of an idea I'll be posting it in there for all to follow, question, comment on etc.

I've just checked the Pandora Bots website again, I hadn't been there for a while and it's improved greatly. Basically, you can set up your robot's brain on there, have ARC httpget your questions/speech to the bot and receive back the answer (somehow).

It's based on ALICE I think, which is a pretty good AI for conversation.

However the first stumbling block is that the WaitForSpeech needs a phrase list... which makes it difficult as ideally I'd want anything to be heard not just the phrases listed in the script (and to list everything would be one heck of a huge script).
Keep us Posted. Very Interesting. . . .
United Kingdom
From a first look (and not that long a look either) it may not be currently possible to do it the way I planned, which is the way VoxCommando uses PandoraBot for a similar function.

So, if it's not an action available, ARC needs to support the dictate function of SAPI or I need to come up with a phrase list.

This is even before checking that I can httpget to send the speech to pandora bot and httpget the response.

I'll have more time to look in to it tomorrow so before I start asking for new features in the software I'll check that they a) don't already exist and b) would be worthwhile.