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Idea: Mini Servo Clip And Play Style

Just as an idea, has anyone thought of trying to make an ez-bit for the mini servo sold in store? It could have big potential in smaller bots. I will try but no 3d printer to test and I'm not that good with autoCAD.


Ok thanks. Just for the heck of it I'll try to make a bit like the heavy duty servos but smaller.
United Kingdom
@Anthony-XLRobots.com do they use the EZ-Clip or is it another size/shape clip used?
thanks for sharing Ant!

this is perfect! ive been waiting for this to customize my I-Cybie.
I need this exact thing for the legs.

any way to "turn" the c bracket?
example top servo moves "in and out" while the second servo moves "forward and backward"

I hope im being clear. ill draw something up a little later.

but really thanks man the mini servo is my favorite to work with.