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Ic2 - Mma7455 Connections

Looking for diagram connections of MMA7455 Accelerometer to ez-b please

sorry post should read I2C


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It's I2C four wires: Gnd,SDA, SCL and VCC check your spec sheet for your device to see if VCC is 3.3V or 5V. Make sure wires are short and if need to use pull-up resistors on SDA and SCL.
Will anyone post a sample script that reads the address and data from a compass, accelerometer or gyro from the IC2? With that I'll figure out how that translates to my 6 DOF 6050 MPU.

I'm trying to make a self-balancing tank.

Thanks much,

@orwnic82 thank you for your assistance

I note you say its four wires,but when i try to setup the MMA7455 to ez-b it requires to list a port

eg d0 & d1 to read x and y

also cannot find the screen that DJ shows on the tutorial

Thanks You
@Bravia: the ports in the MMA7455 are servo ports. So you may control servos from the MMA7455 using that control. When a port is to be configured as a servo, it will prepend the word servo next to the configuration option. If the port is to be digital (on/off), it will prepend the word Digital next to the configuration option. In this case, the word "Servo" is prepended to Port - which specifies the port to be a servo Port.

The MMA7455 connects to the EZ-B by the i2c interface. The 4 wires are Gnd, +5, SDA and SLC - they connect to the respective MMA7455 ports:)
Thanks Dj for your help
brilliant got the green light to move about when I move sensor ,

sorry for taking up your valuable time but not sure how to read this movement and possibly move a servo
Many thanks again for your excellent product
Anytime! And i'm glad to hear it is working. Now to move a servo - I'll have to check, but maybe that control isn't completed.

You can obtain the sensor data in EZ-Script also. I'll show you how to do that in an example. I have a few examples to do this week, i'll add that to the list:)
I can not find an example for MMA7455 I2C read data.
Where can I find?

Thanks You