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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

I2c Camera Module

Would it be possible to use an i2c camera module with EZB v3 or v4.? I found this on Ebay..640x480 VGA CMOS Camera Module OV7670 FIFO Buffer AL422B SCCB compatible wit I2C

High sensitivity for low-light operation.
Low operating voltage for embedded application.
Standard SCCB interface compatible with I2C interface.
With AL422 3M-Bits FIFO.
Raw RGB, RGB (GRB4:2:2, RGB565/555/444),YUV(4:2:2) and YCbCr(4:2:2)output format.
Support VGA, CIF and from CIF to 40 x 30 format .
Vario Pixel method for sub-sampling.
Auto Image Control: AEC, AGC, AWB, ABF, ABLC.
Image Quality Control: Color saturation, hue, gamma, sharpness and anti-blooming.
ISP includes noise reduction and defect correction.
Support image scaling.
Lens shading correction.
Flicker 50/60Hz auto detection.
Color saturation level auto adjust.
Edge enhancement level auto adjust.
De-noise level auto adjust
Photosensitive Array: 640 x 480.
IO Voltage: 2.5V to 3.0V.
Operating Power: 60mW/15fpsVGAYUV.
Sleeping Mode: <20A.
Operating Temperature: -30 to 70 deg C.
Output Format: YUV/YCbCr4:2:2 RGB565/555/444 GRB4:2:2 Raw RGB Data (8 digit).
Lens Size: 1/6".
Vision Angle: 25 degree.
Max. Frame Rate: 30fps VGA.
Sensitivity: 1.3V / (Lux-sec).
Signal to Noise Ratio: 46 dB.
Dynamic Range: 52 dB.
Browse Mode: By row.
Electronic Exposure: 1 to 510 row.
Pixel Coverage: 3.6m x 3.6m.
Duck Current:: 12 mV/s at 60?.
PCB Size (L x W): Approx. 1.4 x 1.4 inch / 3.5 x 3.5 cm

VGA OV7670 Camera Module x1
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No. You can use the ezrobot camera though.
There's no way to get the video from the ezb-b translated and into ARC.
Thanks DJ and Technopro for fast response...
I2c is too slow as well. It's max speed is only a few hundred hz which will only give you a few frames a second anyway