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I2C Thoughts...

...from the newbie... Can each digital port send I2C? Because I saw some I2C servo controllers that handle multiple servos. Could this expand the number of servos (or H-bridges) controlled?


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I2C allows chaining (a network) of devices. You only need one I2C interface to control 112 devices per bus.:)

That is why the EZ-B has only one I2C interface


:) Im determined to get a cybie to work with EZ-B.:) Somehow. hmmmm maybe I will think of something....Ive got a good feeling on this. It just wont be a level 1 project i think but I just KNOW this could be awesome if I can control it wireless with LAPTOP brains and new sensors.:D But alas...mobility first....


Man I hope you take a lot of pics of the Cybie:)

What kind of servos are you thinking of using?


LOL there will be no evidence of the failures. Actually I bought 2 cybies. One to totally autopsy and practice on and if all goes well I would make an instructible. (Crediting DJ Sures EZ-B):) IDK about the servos. Id love to see the insides and replace those noisy gears and motors. Even if it was only a little quieter. Looking at pix on the internet I may have to keep the gear set up and put quieter motors in. Soooo...there will still be the problem of too many digital signals gobbled up for that many H-Bridges. Im still wondering if there is a ready interface solution to using a servo control pulse to create the needed HL LH LL for the H-bridge. Like ... pulses high...rotate clockwise (HL)...pulses low...rotate counter clockwise (LH) pulses...stop(LL).. That way only one servo port needed to control one H-Bridge. Thoughts?


How many hbridges are on the i cybie?

There are 20 i/o on the ez-b...

Each motor would take 2 i/o of the ez-b (for your hh, hl, lh, ll)

You "could" look into which hbridges are ALWAYS going to be on at the same time and double up the connections, but i don't know how much that is worth to you? It'd be a lot of work to save only a few i/o

If you used 20 i/o, you deserve some sort of magical prize because that's the most anyone has used on an ez-b. i've never come close:)


There are 16 Half H bridges. For 16 motors but only 12 are for the legs. Im trying to find what that Half H circuit looks like. lol I have NO idea what Im getting into.
Prize for 20 IO? Not if its ALL H bridges because that means i really moved 10 motors and no DI/O for other stuff! -Troy


I found a tiny bit more data here. Not easy to find but OH so VERY interesting!:) Glikityclik


After I got some sleep and took a step back I thought about it more simply. Why not take a cheap servo apart for the circuitry and reassemble its controllers and potentiometers in the robot. Option 1 keep the same motors already there. Option 2 shop around for internal servo motors that just might be quieter and can use ez-b power source.

and guess what....sigh....after a few hours more digging through the internet there is a picture of EXACTLY what Im talking about.,r:15,s:225&biw=1280&bih=780" target='_blank' rel="nofollow">Glikityclik


Whoa, if you're willing to do that! Hats off to you:) It will take some real cool engineering to mount the pot and motor shaft, etc. But when you get it going, I bet it will be awesome.

I'm constantly impressed of the engineering that you guys are all doing. I know I "hack" things together pretty quickly. But nothing I do is very complicated (except maybe making the ez-b haha). My mechanics are hot glue gun and screws and a dremel.

Hats off to your confidence!


I think its better than Aibo because its large enough to add other stuff in. Id love to have Aibo but is running $800 minimum right now. its gonna be a fun project. Reading up on MS RDS now


I know, "holy dig up old thread, Batman!"

I was just wondering if DJ, Troy or anyone else has tackled this project?

Do you think that the V4 would offer better possibilities?

I am seriously thinking about tackling this project. I would replace all of these leg and neck motors with servos. It could get pretty costly. Programming this guy could be "fun".


OH GEEZ! 2011?! I had more drive back then. I did give up on that one because even if I took apart some servos for the boards and used the potentiometers in the joints that are already there I would still run into space issues. There doesnt seem to be enough room for the EZB and extra boards. If you think about the cost of servos and an ez-b you might as well purchase an older Aibo. If cost is no object, why not build your own 4 legged bot so you are guaranteed to have room for all the gear you want.

Darpa little dog


I found the models to 3d print the i-cybie. It would allow me to provide more room I think. The cost of the servos is going to be pretty high. I count 16 of them. Then there are 5 ir emitters, 2 buttons, a camera, photo sensor and an ir receiver. Add in a tilt sensor, sonar, 2 LEDs and compass... I don't think there are enough ports on the V4.

idk, I will probably buy one for the body and start chopping it up to see if its even possible.

Thanks for replying. I may be taking on more than I can chew, but heck...thats how I learn best.


@Troy- Man, I just saw a brown one of these guys at a rummage sale yesterday for $2. I put it down out of ignorance, I even said screw it and was gonna buy it for parts but someone snagged it as I was on my way to get it. It didn't have any of the connectors or cords or anything. It had that chip that went into the side though. I would even give it to you now if I did just because you'll do more with it than I could. I'm super sad I missed out on this.


Ah, darn. I'm trying to find one now. Saving on initial cost would be great. There are some on eBay for about $50. I would love to start on this one. Would be interested in seeing what size servos I can fit into this guy.


@antron007 thanks but at one time I acquired a total of five at very good ebay prices. Two of which were in perfect order. After seeing those Aibo on youtube I was very disappointed in i-Cybie. lol


I agree the I-cybie is far less of a bot than the aibo. I think that rebuilding it with a EZ-B and adding the necessary sensors/camera, it could be closer to the aibo. The cost to do this project would be about the same cost as an aibo but it could be spread out over a considerable amount of time. A lot of scripting would have to go into place, but with the Auto Position panels, I think you could get it going pretty well.

I have an unopened one on the way. I figure I can give it a go and document the progress as it is made or failed. It is better than documenting the progress of yet another wall-e, which I am working on now.


Sounds like a great idea! You'd be the first here to tackle it. Best of luck to you.