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I Want To Make My Robot Talk

Can anyone tell me a little more about a wireless usb hub are they hard to hook up? could you recommend one or have a link to a good one thank you! *confused*


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What is the correlation between a wireless USB hub and wanting to make your robot talk? *= confussed*

If you explain to us what your intent is, we might be able to help with better solutions.
Dj talks about the hub in speech also a sound card but I cant find any more info.He mentions an e bay 1.99$ sound card also . I found that but not the hub.:)
United Kingdom
I assume he plans to use a USB soundcard inside the robot?

However, I would go a different route and use a wireless speaker. Bluetooth would be perfect as you will already have a bluetooth enabled PC running the EZB.
Thank you that would work better.I will look for one.
See. I knew folks would be able to give you a good solution if they knew exactly what you were attempting to do:)

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