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I Want A Custom Robot And Need Help

hello all, i have finally got my mind straight on one project for weeks, but i don't have a 3d printer to start with, or modelling skills, or ready to print models, or. or.. as you might know, i have 2 ez-b v3 complete kits, but i never really used them, and now i have that project in mind of a entertainment robot (a dancing robot to be precise).

i know it's height: 52CM and have some images of the build process, and a demo video.

now is my question, is it possible for you to make the robot for me? (sorry if i bother you guys with this)

the project begs to be powered by the ez-b, since it's modular, especially in programming, so programming new dances would be a bit easier than other microcontrollers.

anyway, here is the youtube video:

the reason i want this is to promote ez-robot on local meetings and learn to program modular (different dances for the robot and such). :)

if any of you could help me realizing the project, i'd be so happy (my budget in total is ~1500 dollar in 2014)

p.s. in the attachment are the photos.

yours, the bunny :3


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$1500 is a large budget, can easily be archived with ARC scripts.


Have you checked out They have many 3d models that you can download. Google sketchup and sketchup warehouse also have many models to use as a starting point. Both are free, and most useful for 3d models. Google sketchup is free to download. Perhaps look up Darwin Op, it is a open source robot as well. You could get the 3d models of the servo brackets of a Darwin and combine them with a 3d model of the figure in the video. With your ez-b you would get up and going in no time. Also, there are 3d printing companies that will print your models and ship them to you. However, these services are not chap. I have heard good things of, you might want to look in to it or make friends with someone who has a 3d printer. I use the one at school when I can till I finish my printer. last you could find a toy doll of the figure in that video and turn it in to a robot. I am in the process of building a robot that way right now. good luck


Download ARC. You can print the parts for our walking biped: JD


Hi again, I just looked up ez-bits! It takes all I said the other day and puts right in front of you. In the last month I looked everywhere for this kind of infomation and had I came here first it would have been much easier. Befor I found ez-robot I wanted to use a gundam wing model robot and turn it in to a real robot. But in the end they were just to small. I quickly moved on to a new project and thought one day I will 3d print a whole model to fit around my real robot. One day.