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I Think My Ezb Has Fried

I believe my EZB has fried. Tonight it refused to be accessed over wifi and it won't reset. I've attached a video so you can see what it's doing upon an attempted reset.
I went ahead and ordered another one because I don't have time for a resolution for this unit, but if it is able to be resolved I can use it on a future project.

Any thoughts?

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Not sure if this would make a difference, but maybe unplug everything you have connected?

Is the battery fully charged?

Regards, Frank


Tried that. Battery is fully charged. Still nothing. Thanks for the suggestions.


OK, let's say it toast because there is surely a problem. If you unpluged all cables from all the ports and re powered with the same results then it's either a internal problem (either caused you or a component failure) or a power issue. What are you using to power your EZB and have you tested for proper voltage?

Was your EZB working correctly up until now? If so what were you doing before this happened? I ask this because it may help understand what went wrong. Also, you don't want to repeat this tragic event with the new EZB coming. ;)

I know you said you unplugged everything but make sure you remove the camera and 12C cables also.


Hi Dave,

I was writing i2cwrite sketches when it crapped out. I had noticed that recently it was losing connection with my laptop more often than before. It's possible that this was a gradual failure. I unplugged everything including the cam and i2c connection. I have it powered by a Drok DC regulator at a constant 7.5 volts.

When the new one arrives I am going to isolate the servo power and no longer power them through the EZB. I want my HS-53 servos at 5.5 volts. Perhaps this will help EZB longevity.

Thanks for the suggestion but it's still toast. stress

  • Douglas

I'd take it apart and verify there's nothing dropped inside, such as a piece of solder or strip of wire.

Does the wifi SSID show up in your network list? If it does, and the blue led continues to flash, that means the bottom board of the ezb is damaged. This can happen by a short or possibly drawing too much correct from an I/o pin. Without a wiring diagram, it's impossible to assist further.

Electronic solid state devices will not fail gradually if operated within the defined specifications. Understandable that it's a disappointing experience, but it's not the ezb's fault:)

Post in here your wiring diagram so we can provide feedback to ensure the next ezb lasts


Well it appears that the bottom board is damaged. I reinstalled my original v4 board and the problem persists.

The diagram is very simple. 22.2v LiPos - 12 volt Drok DC regulator - 7.47 Drok DC regulator - EZB.

I have a camera attached, two i2c connections to arduinos controlling neopixels, and 16 Hitec HS-53 servos.

One of the i2c connections is running at 7.47 volts and the other runs at 12 volts with everything on a common ground.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Is there a way to purchase a bottom board?


Yes I had a similar problem when my sensor wire accidentally shorted on a power wire,very quickly this damaged my bottom board and if you contact the tech support here at the web site they can quickly send you a replacement bottom board and it was surprisingly cheap! I can say my ezb4 is currently working again like brand new!:)


Hi Robo Rad,

I bet you are 100% correct in how the board was damaged. I found a loose wire while inspecting the dome. I'll contact sales and ask to purchase a replacement board. Looks like the dome is gonna get a complete re-wiring this weekend and I wanted to clean it up anyway. :)

It will be nice to have an extra EZB for bench testing. Also, I just ordered the new Tiny and will be popping that bad boy into an MSE.

Thank you,



You want to "clean up" your wiring? Wow, I can't imagine why. My first thought when I saw your pictures was "what a clean and good looking build". Nice work man! ;)


Thanks Dave! There was a lot hidden in the loom. lol