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I Need Short Spacer

I need to make a short spacer similar to the expansion block but just the top and bottom parts of the block. I tried to load the STL file into 3DS Max but I don't know how to remove the middle part, leaving the top and bottom parts, and merge the top and bottom parts, forming a short spacer to clear the Alternate Power Adapter that I put into the bottom of the Humanoid Body. Any suggestions?


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Try Meshmixer (this is what I use and it's free) to split (plane cut) the stl where you want and join the 2 parts that you do want (using Boolean union)
Tinkercad is a free program which will allow you to modify the file.

Ron R
That would be a really useful EZ-bit. I really need to get myself a 3d printer.

I imported P23-A-01 and P24-A-01 STL files into 3DS Max, removed unnecessary polyfaces, created new polyfaces, merged verticles, and exported the new part to STL file. I imported the file into Netfabb Basic, repaired the file, and exported the file to STL file. I imported the file into Simplify3D and 3D-printed the parts.