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I Just Made A Ezb Start Program

i have both a bat file and exe program,to change the file name to open your file
just go to edit command on bat file and change myfile.ezb to yours
on exe you need IEXPRESS program its freeNewZip.zip


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it will start EZB builder and your program
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Completely unnecessary.

Use the shortcut creator in ARC.
Add the shortcut to the startup folder in Windows if you want autostart on boot.

It really is that simple.
thats what i did ,i used ezb builder start script,its just another way to do it
some programs wont take .ink file like shortcut file,but will take a exe file
this is what i used to make a auto load exe file

Auto Load Project:
The ARC.exe accepts a few parameters.

- Param 1: Path and Filename of project to load
- Param 2: Name of Script to start when project is loaded

Here is an example of loading a project on startup:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\ ARC\ARC.exe" "C:\My Documents\MyFile.ezb"

Here is an example of loading a project on startup and execute a script named InitScript

"C:\Program Files (x86)\ ARC\ARC.exe" "C:\My Documents\MyFile.ezb" "InitScript"

also sometimes a bat file is needed too,when a shortcut cant be used
SHORTCUT is good when you start your computer,but if using another program its hard
Also with a BAT FILE you can run 1 to 5 AND MORE of the EZB BUILDER programs at once,and set for min or max display
shortcut creater only can make and run one ,unless you majke many shortcut files and place in your startup file
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You also should avoid using paths such as "C:\Program Files\" or "C:\My Documets\" as these are variables in Windows and users are free to change the absolute path. %userdata% and %Program Files (x86)% or %Program Files% using IF EXISTS and ELSE should be used.

Batch files are very old hat and I hate to say it but yours is very sloppy. It will not work for everyone.

The .lnk file issue is irrelevant as ARC and Windows both support the shortcut both in the StartUp and from anywhere in the windows environment.

Why are you running 5 ARC instances? One instance will connect to 5 EZBs and control 5 EZBs. Running 5 of the same application will slow the system down considerably. However, there's no problem having 5 shortcuts in StartUp and Shortcut Creator can make as many as you require.

I wouldn't recommend using IExpress for many different reasons but the main one is, it isn't required for starting ARC projects.

Not disagreeing with anything you said, but there is at least one reason to have multiple instances running on one computer, and that is that you can only have one Movement Panel per ARC instance, and some might want to control more than one robot from the same computer. Can be solved with scripting, but easier with separate instances per bot.

Everything else was spot on (sorry @robotmaker, but don't see the point of your app, and it doesn't use best practices...)

Just something easy and it works for me and using DJ AUTO LOAD example ,making a bat file you can do a lot more if needed like resize and more with the right commands,also can load other programs
where on the shortcut creater cant.

ON the shortcut creater .i use on a robot when i start my computer it works fine.

when i tried with another software it doesnt,using LISPWORKS it says it cant use .ink file ,needs to be .exe
mine is just a super simple example ,not made for most of us
ok guys... maybe it's one of these days when I spent too much time working on one of my projects but for what regards my installation of ARC, there's no such a thing as ShortCut Creator feature...

The manual says this :

How To Add This Control To Your Project
Step #1) Load the most recent release of ARC
Step #2) Press the Project tab from the top menu bar of ARC
Step #3) Press Add Control from the button ribbon bar of ARC
Step #4) Choose the General category tab
Step #5) Press the Shortcut Creator icon to add the control to your project

And here what I see when I follow these instructions:
User-inserted image
Its on the Options menu

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If you want to launch a script, be sure to create the script and save your program...else the script will not show up in the list