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I Have Runaway Scripts

Most of my scripts work just fine.

I have them controlling the Roomba Movement panel.

I can start all of them by the Speech Recognition.

I need to STOP them with speech recognition.

I have an Explore script and a Roam script which if for Navigation. It is patterned very much off of the two Examples for Navigation. But, it just won't stop no matter what I do. They will sometimes stop if they are controlled by the script manager,by hitting the Stop button, but, only sometimes.

I have tried the controlcommand("scriptname",ScriptStop) (this may not be the correct syntax above, I don't have the manual in front of me, but I got it correct unless the manual is wrong.)

I have tried Halt(), Stop()

They just keep going. I remove the Movement Panel and make another one. They just keep going and going like the Every-Ready Battery.

Please help!


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If your script is being executed by another script or control, then stopping it will only stop it once. you have to stop the control that is executing it.


I am calling it from the speech recognition. Thanks for the Update.