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I Have A Few Items Up On Ebay

I have an omnibot 2000 tall shell. I have an SD-84 I have an Arduino and Basic Stamp Kit I have a Sabertooth 2X12

Anyone interest, pop over there.


Mel :-)


Upgrade to ARC Pro

ARC Pro will give you immediate updates and new features needed to unleash your robot's potential!


Hi Mel. Give some links to make the trip raiser. ;)


Can ARC drive this through a com port? Is this " easy" to integrate. I have never seen one that big.


Yeh! it is rather expensive, but it works.

@ dave, thanks!

You can go the DeVantech and find more info. Most guys that would want to buy it already know about it by it's name. It is very popular.



Still have the SD84 and the Ardunio packages.

I don't have them listed anymore.

You can reach me @ yhmmc<<at>>


MovieMaker, Hope you are doing ok. Steve S