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I Have 25 Windows Open Up. How Do I Make Them All Run Automatically?

I have 25 windows open up. The scripts all run individually. Now, How do I tie them all together and make them all run at once?

For instance, I want marty to be voice controlled so that she is listening all the time.

so , I can jump through voice to color motion, news, weather, sports,jokes, etc.

I have included my file for you to look at.

I could not save it to cloud, it was too big.



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It's very simple.

You need to create another script.

I call mine "Startup"

Within that script you need to tell it to start all your scripts.

ControlCommand("Insert Script Name Here", ScriptStart)

It's the first script I run once I've connected my EZ-B. I start all
scripts and set any other variables (Eg. MP3 Trigger Volume, servo Positions)

Look at the sample scripts that DJ has provided, you can learn lots from copying others.



P.S. You already have an INIT script in your file, use the command I mentioned to start your other 3 scripts.
Lumpy, more questions:

When I load up , it puts all 25 windows on the screen. Is it required that I run ALL those windows, or ONLY the ones that have scripts in them. For instance, the init file turns on the eyes. don't really need to worry about them until the machine is turned off. Things like that. I am confused.

When I insert the commands: ControlCommand("Insert Script Name Here", ScriptStart)

it tells me that it cannot turn on the speech recognition because there is no script for speech recognition. That is where all of my chatbot programs are.

When you connect to your EZ-B all your non-script controls panels will be running:
- Compass
- Soundboard
- Camera
- Ping
-Speech Recog
- Roomba Movement

Speech recognition is not a script.

Your init file should look like this:

#Init set servos to home
#Start the following Scripts
ControlCommand("TimeDate", ScriptStart)

The Lost Ball and Found Ball scripts are called from the camera config settings.

You could minimize your panels by getting rid of items like the RightEye/LeftEye. You
can turn those on via the init script with a command line if you like.

Thanks Again! I appreciate your help.

Does this look right?

No Script:
- Compass
- Soundboard
- Camera
- Ping Radar HZ
- Ping Collision HZ
- Ping Radar Vert
- Ping Radar Collision
- Sharp Radar Vert
- Sharp Radar Hz
- Speech settings
- Speech Synthesis
- Speech Recog
- Roomba Movement
- Temperature (do Script Later)

- LeftEYE Do in Init
- RightEYE Do In Init
- SayDay
- Init
- Personality Generator
- TimeDay
- Found Ball
- Lost Ball
- Wrist
- Arm
- Gripper