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I Got My Navigation Working. . .

This is GREAT News for me. But, I can't seem to make it stop without turning the ezb off. I put a voice command to stop the script, but it keeps right on going. Is there a simple way I can place it inside of the navigation script instead of outside in the speech recognition?

any help would be apreciated.



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Stopping a script won't stop the robot. You will need to Stop() also.

A script executes a bunch of commands. The commands are listed in order and read from the top to the bottom. Each command performs a specific function. For example, the command Forward() will instruct the active Movement Panel to begin moving forward. If Forward() is your only command in a script, then the robot will drive forward for ever unless told to Stop(), Left(), Right or Reverse().

In your Speech Command, stop the script, then Stop()

ControlCommand(ScriptStop, "My Script")


OK, that is what I was doing wrong. Thanks. You are a SuperMan!



Stupid question. But, how would I put two commands on the same line in speech recognition?


When editing any single line script, press the little icon to the right. It will open the multi-line dialog.

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MEL my friend did you see the many many robot i bought for EZB,there only few up now,but last 2 weeks i bought 20 more robots,i got a lot of hacking to do,and in about 2 months will have more time then needed to work on them.


No, I did not see the robots, well, I guess I saw some of them.

I have a few things to polish up on the script and I will post.


7 robosapien robots ,one more omnibot 2000,2 rad 2.0 ,doctor who K9 robot ,2 types of rovers ,and robokid and some others


That's a lot of robots.

Let me know if zeno robokind is as good as it was advertised. I was going to buy one of those before they raised the price from $300 to Rediculous. I did not see Qbo listed.

As of yet, I am still doing more with the Marti -EZB robot than the Qbo. Amazing enough, I am learning ROS, sort of.

D.J. Has the Most Advanced product on the Market. He is WAY ahead of the whole group. I hope he wins that award because he deserves it.