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I Found A Nice Head For My Omnibot

I found a helmet that looks good for omnibot 2000 or omnibot model 5402 since i have 2 omnibot 2000 and 3 omnibot 5402 the helmet i found was transformers optimus prime voice changer


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how about some pix. did you get your kit in yet?


what kit, will post a photo up this weekend


User-inserted image

this is what the helmet looks like i got it on ebay with shipping $11 and there are more about the same price,one i see $.99 plus shipping $11

ebay optimus prime helmet $.99 when i get mine in a few days looking to paint my robot blue ,maybe some gray ,but will be awhile need to finish my omnibot 2000 project


The one that I got assembled. That helment looks just like the head that should've been there. It really fits. It looks RAD. The omni-2000 has always been one of my favorites of All of the robots.


That really does look like an excellent idea. It isn't too big in scale for the robot?


How about this one? LINK

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@DJ, I know you want one!


Yeah, its from Dr. Who. He likes the series. So do I.


If you happen to part out an omnibot head, or parts of it, let me know. I need a part of an omnibot 2000 head. Mike


There is one on ebay rright now!


glickclick i have the hemet also,bought awhile back before i got my EZB i think both helmets are about the same size i think is was called DR CYBERMAN hemet