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I Can'T Upgrade Firmware For The Ez-B V4.X/2

Hi forum..,

i bought from HobbyKing 2(two) Ezb- v4 controller and i can't upgrade the firmware.

When i sellect the connect button i hear the connect sound but i can't sellect the upgrade button... Also, if i visit the web server (default is i saw that it's the old version..

Hope that i have explain correct my "problem".

Any Help Please? confused


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You can only update the ezb4 x/2... If you have an older EZB4 then you can't update it...


Hi Richard R and thanks for the replay!

But.., what do you mean ? I bought an older EZB 4 controller ?


The older version has the different Wifi board. The new x/2 version which ez robot have been selling for more than a year is the upgraded EZB4

This is the x/2 comm board which is used to update the older first gen EZB4... x/2 Comm board


Oh! Because I want to use a USB serial connection with my pc and not a WiFi ! So.., I need to buy a new one?


What I am saying is unless you have Version 2 (EZB4 x/2) controller you can't update your older V4... If you have an EZB4 x/2 and you are trying to update your EZB4 over usb then @DJ will have to confirm if this is possible...


Richard R ..

No, I am not try to upgrade the firmware with the usb connection... I am trying to upgrade with WiFi connection.. but as I write I can’t..

after the upgrade I want convert the conection with USB serial port.


Also, I ve already have and others EZB V4 controllers and I can upgrade the firmware . With this 2 News from HobbyKing i can’t!



You do not have /2 ezb. Your ezb is a /1, which is entirely different hardware. You will have to upgrade the ezb to a /2 with EZ-B v4/2 Comm Upgrade


Yes DJ Sures ! I did not notice at the first time ! I am going to order the upgrade!

Thanks allot Richard R & Dj blush ....