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I Am Guessing That A Pir To Detect Carbon Based Units Is An Analog Device.

I am Guessing that a PIR to detect carbon based units is an Analog device. Am I correct?

I want Marty to detect carbon based units. I figured since it detects from close to far it would be an analog signal instead of Digital.

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I have this one but I have not hooked it up yet. It appears to be a digital 5v logic out. I'll let you know soon as I try it out.

"The PIR (Passive Infra-Red) Sensor is a pyroelectric device that detects motion by measuring changes in the infrared (heat) levels emitted by surrounding objects. When motion is detected the PIR Sensor outputs a high signal on its output pin. This logic signal can be read by a microcontroller or used to drive an external load."

PIR Sensor from Parallax, Inc.


If it is digital, but can be read by an ADC port ez-b, using the command adc_wait, I like it because it leaves more free ports to use digital servos or sensors ping.


That is what I was thinking. This may be one for D.J. to Answer.


So, is it Analog? or is it Digital?



The PIR sensor is digital (Communication: Single bit high / low output), but can be read from a digital port ez-b or from an analog port and using the command adc_wait can chain reaction in your robot as if a switch connected to a digital port, I hope I have cleared your doubt MovieMaker.;)


thanks, R2:D

P.S. do you have a PIR on your robot. Or, does anyone else? Just curious if you could share your script or pix etc.


I have no pir sensor mounted on the robot, the truth is that I have reserved for the RSP robot, but when you install certain to be published.


I have pIR digital circuits from Radio Shack. Here's an example script where I'm using the analog ports to read from three of them. Though these are pretty useless when they're mounted on a non-stationary object. Indoors or outdoors, when the bot turns the heat sources vary significantly. I'm going to start a new thread in search for an analog equivalent that can be create a radiation signature. I want it to find the largest heat source in the area.


if ($BloodLeft$Range and $CenterDistance>$Range and $RightDistance>$Range)

if ($CenterDistance<$Range)

Note the the php parser on this forum removes the less than signs from code.