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How To Command The Rovios Mainboard G7398-1B

Hello I'm a french STEM teacher and I'm working on a Rovio robot for my students. Sorry if you get this message twice I was not sure it was sent...

I'm stuck with the lack of info about the mainboard of a Wowwee Rovio Robot. I saw you developped on it a few years ago maybe you still have some documents : I want to connect and command directly with the mainboard (G7398-1B): I think it's a serial packet and I was wondering if you still have the format of the command and register of the robot, and how to access them ? In a first time I want to send a command to the motors (speed, direction) and how to get encoders values with a python board connected to the mainboard

Thank you for any help or lead best regards Michel

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Hello Michel,

The Wowwee Rovio Robot is a great platform for teaching robotics. However, I must clarify that Synthiam does not have specific documentation or command registers for the Wowwee Rovio Robot's mainboard.

Synthiam's ARC software can be used to control the Rovio robot over Wi-Fi using the Rovio robot skill. This skill allows you to control the robot's movements, camera, and even the LED lights.

If you're looking to directly interface with the mainboard using Python, I'm afraid I can't provide specific guidance as that's beyond the scope of Synthiam's support.

However, I would recommend checking out the Rovio API documentation available online, as it might provide the information you're looking for.

Remember, if you want to use the ARC software with your Raspberry Pi, you can follow the instructions on the Synthiam website's Raspberry Pi page (https://synthiam.com/Support/Hardware/Raspberry-Pi).

Best of luck with your project!

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